Sunday, March 21, 2010

Men Will Drive You Crazy

Do you ever get so frustrated with the man in your life you want to throw something at him?

My husband has moments where he is so moody I just want to start hurling baseballs at his head.

Why baseballs? Because they fit in my hand pretty good, I have a great pitching arm and I can hit a moving target. Not that he moved much this weekend. He camped out in front of the television and successfully drove me insane by doing so.

Sometimes it just really, really irritates me that he JUST FREAKIN SITS THERE ALL DAY! Sits there while I hustle about cooking, cleaning, dealing with the kids, and oh yeah what's that I hear whispered on the wind...working.

Yes, when he's home I need to be working and he's supposed to take over with the kids and the cooking and cleaning and all that bullshit so I can write, but does he? Not unless I specifically point out to him that he's supposed to then I am a huge bitch ya know.

I understand the man goes to work every day Monday through Friday and works his butt off. I know. But I am at home also trying to make a living while dealing with children, a home and all that - at the same exact time.

I wonder why some women can juggle 5000 things at once and most men forget where they put the car keys?

My husband would forget his head if it wasn't attached. Me, I do a gazillion things a day and have to take care of 5, 6 people if you count my mom who lives next door and likes to call and chat while I'm writing and takes it as a personal offense when I tell her "mom, I am writing I need to go".

Anyway, I just had to vent because it was one of those weekends. Sometimes I am thrilled when Monday rolls around.

He's just been in a mood and I just wish he'd take his mood and all those bad vibes and go do something constructive with them instead of staring at the TV. I think part of it was he was bummed about the snow and really wants to be outside. I understand but his mood...

They really need to make a Midol for men.


Mitzi H. said...

They do....It's called Beer....hehehe.

bittenbyromance said...

I feel your pain.Its good to vent form time to time.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

yes venting is good, I realize I don't nearly do enough of it.