Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Weird Life

My husband is normally the one who has tales of the weird and strange occurring in everyday life, he's out there everyday interacting with hundreds of different people on a daily basis.

So the stories he comes home with sometimes are out there. Really out there. I'll have to share one day.

But today it's my turn. I had a huge scary shock when I stepped out of the shower today. I glanced in the mirror as I was drying off and discovered my entire upper body was covered in red bloody scratches.

At least that's what it looked like.

I totally freaked wondering how the hell I got mangled while taking a shower.

When I wiped all the fog off the mirror and took a closer look I discovered the "scratches" were really lines of red lint all over my body.

But they had looked like scratches- the kind you get when you wrestle with a rose bush... and lose. Or a angry mob of kittens that haven't been declawed.

Skinny, jagged, bloody scratches. I looked like an escapee from a horror movie set.

I will never wash my towels with my red fuzzy blankets again.

Next time I might not survive the shock.


bittenbyromance said...

I totaly understand, I did someting like that before and freaked, but mine was the towel fuzz.. Then after the fact all I could do was laugh..

Roxanne Rhoads said...

yeah after I got over my shock I laughed my butt off then called my husband so he could laugh.

At least I finally had a good story to tell him

SiNn said...

lol too funny that would be scarya t first but funny now btw ty tyty for the book it arriaved the other day so thank you again