Monday, March 22, 2010

Since I'm Venting...What Does Your Man Do That Irritates You?

My man doesn't mute the TV on commercials or when he walks away...instead he turns the volume down.

He takes all that time to hit the button to turn the volume down when he could just hit the mute button. Then when the show comes back on he has to turn the volume all the way back up, trying to find that perfect volume once again. Plus the volume things blocks the whole center of the screen of the TV with this bog box as you turn the volume up and down.

The mute button? It just has a little mute on/off symbol in the top right corner of the screen that does not effect TV viewing.

I know it sounds petty but it drives me bonkers. Why can't eh just hit the mute button? Simple, easy, no fuss. MUTE.

What simple thing does your man do that drives you absolutely crazy?


Unknown said...

Hmm so where do I start, he blows his nose on the towel in the bathroom then hangs it up. GGGGGGGGGrossssssssss ,, when the toiler paper is just as close. Doesnt replace the empty toilet roll leaves in on the roller and leaves the new roll on the floor ... :{{{ Men ,,, lol. The to top if off the wash basket is a flick away from the shower he leaves his clothes on the floor next to the wash basket .. hmmm so yes..

Roxanne Rhoads said...

men are just soooooo ewwwww

bittenbyromance said...

Mine when he sees me reading, he will turn up the tv more and start saying look at this ooh look at that grrr.
To top of he see me reading and all he wants to do is talk and talk and talk.... this goes on for 25 pages or more, then the next day when I forget something he says "I new you was not listening to me." LOL I fogot to mention he has already talked to me for a few hours with out reading. yes, mine loves to talk he runs over 3,000 min on the cell phone and claim he does not talk that much, so I have to call at&t to up grade our mins and they say "this is a man we are taking about right"

Ashly Star said...

Tell him to use the mute button, lol. Or make a sign that says "MUTE BUTTON" and smack him in the head with it. =p

My dude fidgets like crazy because of his ADD. It drives me nuts but nothing he can do about it since he can't take any medication for it for health reasons.

And uh... I know there has to be other things but I can't think of anything. D'oh.