Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Banging My Head...but It Is Getting Better

So I am still having no luck with the photo collage so I am about to give up and send it to Jeremy Edwards who so kindly offered to put it together for me if I couldn't.

Normally I don't give up on these things but since I have a deadline and other projects to still work on I am passing it along (thank you thank you thank you Jeremy hugs and kisses your way) to someone else. Now I am moving on to putting together his photo book- thankfully I know I can do that.

Shutterfly's photo books are super easy to make- I just upload the photos and then design the book how I want to. The only catch is I still have about 100 photos to scan and upload since the first 13 years of the boy's life were caught on old fashioned film, not digital, thank goodness the past five are already digital.

To ease the pain of my Manic Monday I the mail carrier brought me goodies.

Shelley Dayton sent me a copy of her book Why Rita Hates Monkeys along with...chocolate. Dark chocolate too.

Thank you Shelley!

I also received a copy of Ardeur. It contains a bunch of essays about Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series. Awesome, can't wait to read it. Plus I'll be giving away a copy of it over at Fang-tastic Books this week.

OK I am off to work.