Sunday, May 02, 2010

Night Owl Reviews Magazine

Did you know that I write a monthly column in the new Night Owl Reviews Magazine?

It's about what's new in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy books. Mostly it's a listing of some of the hottest books coming out for the month but now I have decided tyo spice it up a bit and add a new feature to my column called SQAI- Super Quick Author Interviews. I'll be asking authors quick answer questions like "Please sum up your book in two sentences or less" and "describe your heroine in three words".

If any authors would like to take part in an SQAI please email me and I'll send you a list of questions: eroticroxanne @ yahoo. com

Readers, do you have any ideas for quick interview questions you would like to see authors answer? If so please post them in the comments or email them my way.

I am creating a list that authors will be able to choose from. I hope to get quite a few,that way authors will have some fun choices for the SQAI's.

I actually got my start reviewing books with Night Owl. I had done a few independant reviews here and there then really got into the reviewing with NOR. I still review for them now and then and I have been interviewed by Tammie at NOR and I advertise their frequently. It is really a great site for books and authors.

If you are looking for a great place to promote your book- this group of sites is it and the new magazine is just getting started- but as it grows you can get your place in it. Authors besure to contact me with your PNR and UF news along with your wish to particpate in a SQAI.

It has expanded from just romance reviews to a whole collection of review sites: romance, sci-fi, YA and more.

Here's a list of them:

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