Friday, July 16, 2010

10 Reasons Cats Make Terrible Secretaries

Yes that's my Ginger, mad because her scratchy is tipped over and I interupted lick time

This was inspired by my cat Ginger who was sleeping on the phone.

I heard it ringing and couldn't find it anywhere- then I realized it was on my bed- under the cat.

10 Reasons Cats Make Terrible Secretaries

10) Their filing skills are terrible and they leave kitty treats and squeeky mouses in your folders

9) Cats are not very good spellers and everything ends up looking like meowwww or rrrooowww or sometimes grrr and hissss

8) Have you seen a cat type? Oy!

7) They would rather sleep than deal with anything remotely stressful

6) A cat can not be bothered to deal with someone else's problems which means customer service is non-existant

5) Grooming takes up so much of their time they get nothing else done

4) Extensive nap times are required and they expect to be paid for that time

3) Their lunch always smells like tuna which can stink the office up

2) Really? A litter pan at the office?

1) They refuse to answer the phone- even if they are laying on it when it rings