Monday, July 19, 2010

Drop the Voodoo Doll Please

OK whoever is cursing, hexing, sending bad vibes my way or shoving a voodoo doll full of pins please stop.

I've been having a real bad run of it lately-things keep breaking, shit happens, stuff like that. Most of it can be chalked up to bad luck or just everyday life events.

But today....

Well it was a Monday....bad shit always happens to me on Mondays- serious bad shit too not just Monday madness...but I digress.

Today was your average Monday- I had bills to pay, errands to run, groceries to buy.

I left the house with my kids and went on my merry way.

I had no idea my son's cell phone was plugged in charging- not that it should have made a difference but I am kinda paranoid about stuff like that and like to unplug things before leaving or going to bed.

Anyway I'd been gone for about 2 hours when my husband calls me and said, "We almost lost the house."

I was in the middle of the grocery store and thought I heard him wrong, "What?" I asked.

"I came home and the house was filled with smoke."

At this point I started to freak- "What happened is everything okay..." so on and so forth.

Then he went on to tell me that the Motorola Razr that was plugged in charging had somehow fried, the battery is an incinerated mess of unrecognizable plastic and gunk. But it must have fallen down- before or after catching fire I don't know but it burned a hole in the box spring of the bed. I guess the mattress was a little off kilter and left the box spring slightly exposed.

If it had landed on the mattress I am afraid things could have been much worse.

I am just so thankful everything and everyone is ok- well everything except the phone and the box spring.

It could have been much, much worse.

I just want to say to whoever has hexed me "I'm sorry, I've never tried to hurt anyone. I know I've made some bad choices and can be a bitch, but that's just me don't take it personal. My snarky attitude has never been pointed in any one's direction trying to purposefully be malicious. Please remove the bad mojo because I really can't take it anymore."

And to all the witchy people out there who love me or at least like me, PLEASE SEND GOOD VIBES MY WAY! Because I seriously need some good mojo to combat the bad.

And if you have any suggestions on how to remove hexes, curses, or flat out negativity I would love to hear them.