Friday, July 23, 2010

Excerpt from Spirit Lovers 2

Here's an exclusive excerpt of "Halloween Surprise" from Spirit Lovers 2

"There are lots of men in here,‟ Alcina whispered into Estra's ear. "How do we choose the right one?'

"Let's get something to eat and try to decide which man we want," Estra whispered to Alcina.

A tall older man walked up to them, "Nice costumes, ladies. The party is in the back room. There is a buffet and plenty to drink. Why don't you two beautiful women join us for the evening? Follow me."

They followed the older man to the back room where hard pumping music blared and bodies pressed together on the dance floor. They went over to the buffet table and hurriedly filled plates full of food. After they found an empty table to sit at, they gobbled up the food and surveyed the room. It didn't take long for their bellies to be full which then put their other needs on the front burner.

Michael followed them to the back room where he found an empty table in the corner and watched them as they inhaled the scents of food and settled down to survey
the crowd.

After a few minutes Alcina's gaze landed on a gorgeous male specimen, Michael. Dark curly hair, softly tanned skin, he was perfect. He wore tight riding breeches that showed off a very large bulge in the front and long muscular legs. He wore a white peasant-style shirt that exposed his dark curly chest hair and bulging muscles. When Michael realised they were looking at him and kept looking at him after he made eye contact, he stood up and walked towards Alcina and Estra almost as if he were drawn to them.

"Hello, ladies. My name is Michael. May I buy you drinks? The bar has a special ghoulish brew tonight; would you like to try it?‟ his voice was deep and masculine and he seemed quite sure of himself, yet not cocky. Inside he felt as though he should be shaking but he wasn't.

"Yes, that would be lovely,‟ replied Estra as she stared at the godlike man.

As he walked away to get their drinks Alcina and Estra looked at each other and nodded, this was definitely the guy for them. He was tall and attractive and wasn't intimidated by talking to two beautiful women.

Michael walked to the bar to get the drinks congratulating himself on his luck. Not just one drop-dead gorgeous woman seemed interested in him but two. He couldn't stop smiling as he brought the drinks to them and sat down at the table. The women introduced themselves to Michael and soon they were chatting and carrying on like old friends.

A waitress kept bringing more ghoulish brew to the table and Estra and Alcina kept drinking it. He couldn't take his eyes off the two beauties that sat before him talking, giggling and batting their eyes at him. They were flirting with him and he loved every minute of it. Yet he didn't seem to be in any hurry to make a move to anything more serious than flirting.

After a while Alcina whispered to Estra, "We have to get him out of here. We don't have much time left and I want him so bad."

Estra replied, "I know, my love, let's not be shy. We must let him know what we want and have him take us somewhere."