Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Excerpt of Fangs for the Holidays By Adrienne Rose

Here's an exclusive excerpt of "Fangs for the Holidays" in the Lust Bites collection published by Xcite.

He growled playfully, nipping at my shoulder and suggestively rubbing against my body.‟Why do you smell so good, Avery?‟ His eyes glowed green and I could see a hint of fang in his mouth, which meant he was either aroused or hungry…or both.

"I‟ve been baking all day. My family is coming over tomorrow for a holiday celebration.‟ I replied hesitantly. I felt bad that I hadn‟t invited Jackson. I know he didn‟t like to be alone during the holidays. Plus we are a couple, an unorthodox couple but still a couple. Witches and vampires did not normally mingle and they especially did not mate. The relationship seemed to work just fine for us though. Well it did until the whole family thing was brought up. I know it‟s the holidays and we should be together for this type of thing. But my mom … I just didn‟t know if she could handle it.

"On Christmas Eve? Didn‟t you just do a Yule celebration with your mother and grandmother two days ago? I was hoping to have some holiday time with you.‟ He suddenly looked sad, almost heartbroken. That look tugged at my heart.

"Yeah, but this is my mom and my dad‟s family. Some of them are Christian, plus I was raised to celebrate both Yule and Christmas. I couldn‟t imagine not having a Yule log or putting up a Christmas tree.‟ It was great growing up celebrating both holidays; twice the festivities, twice the presents, and twice the magick in the air. You couldn‟t ask for more as a child. At this point in my life though the magick was a little less and sometimes all of it was just too time consuming and troublesome.

Like now.


Here's another excerpt a little farther into the story-

"I can't take it any longer; your sweet heavenly aroma is driving me wild with desire." He ripped his shirt off. Lean muscles moved under alabaster skin as he peeled off the torn shirt and quickly removed the rest of his clothing. His long black hair fell over his face while he stripped. I was so distracted by the sight of his beautiful body moving and becoming barer by the second I forgot to remove my own clothing.

Jackson crawled across the bed moving like some big graceful cat, muscles rippling under smooth flesh. He was so exquisitely beautiful. I loved to stare at him. Of course I also loved to do much more than just look at him. Assoon as he touched me I jolted out of the spell of his beauty and my passion flared hotter.

I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. I undid my bra and let my breasts bounce free. Jackson was on them as soon as they were exposed. He licked and sucked them making my already hard nipples tighten into hard little nubs. While his mouth was busy at my breasts his hands were all over me, sliding down my stomach, down between my still denim-clad legs. He undid my button and wrestled with my zipper. Finally I pulled away from him and climbed off the bed to remove my jeans, they were my favourite pair and I didn‟t want to see them end up in shreds like his shirt, an entirely unsexy move, but oh well, jeans that were comfortable and made your ass look fabulous were not that easy to come across.

He watched me peel off my jeans and underwear like a predator watching its prey. That intense green gaze was unnerving at times. As he stared at me with eyes full of hunger I could feel my own hunger responding. I was getting tight and wet with anticipation; tingling shivers tickled my neck and spine and slithered down my arms. His otherworldly energy was going into overdrive.

I crawled back onto the bed, reaching for him, finding him, connecting with him. Our mouths met in a hard passionate kiss that bruised my lips. His tongue pushed and darted between my lips, my tongue joined his in a sensual, slithering wet dance. I ran my tongue across his fangs; careful at first but then I wanted to bleed. I nicked myself on a fang and felt him stiffen as my blood dripped into his mouth. A guttural, animal sound came from deep within him as he pushed me onto my back.

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