Saturday, September 04, 2010

My Newest Release A Halloween to Remember

My newest release is now available from

It's a steamy erotic romance set at Halloween with some paranormal touches.

Here's a quick blurb:

What says Halloween better than a wild party at an old Victorian mansion complete with its own cemetery?

Perhaps meeting the man of your dreams thanks to the magic of Halloween.

Adena can’t believe her eyes when she spots Dimitri in the library- he looks like something straight off the cover of a historical romance novel-the type of guy she’s always dreamed of. Too bad he disappears before she has the chance to introduce herself. When she finally spots him again later that night she decides she’s not letting him get away again.

Adena thinks she’s finally found the one. Until she wakes up alone the next morning- in the cemetery.

Halloween magic brought them together but will it be strong enough to keep them together?


Adena stepped into the house and couldn’t believe her eyes. The inside looked nothing like the outside at all. Where the outside was ramshackle and looked neglected the inside was beautiful and immaculate. Adena felt like she had stepped back in time…except for all the creatively sexual Halloween decorations Chrissy and Martin had used.

“Wow, this house is amazing. I can see where you’ve spent all your time and money on the renovations.”

“We were so lucky. The inside was in great condition. All the moldings and trim are original to the house they just needed to be cleaned up. Some of the rooms had peeling wallpaper but I found a company that specializes in reproduction Victorian prints and found almost perfect matches to redo the walls. Other rooms just needed cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. All the hardwood floors were in great shape they were just hidden under decades of dirt. We really found a gem here, that’s why cemetery and all we took it.”

“It is beautiful in here Chriss, but the giant blow up penis wearing the witch hat? It’s a little out of place.” Adena giggled as she looked around at the silly, sexual Halloween décor.

“Yeah but isn’t it great?” Chrissy laughed.

“Your décor is always quite interesting. Kelly must enjoy supplying you with all this stuff.”

“She lets me get everything at cost since she knows how much I love to go all out for the parties. Wait till you see the screwing skeletons and the witch with the magic dildo wand! Come on let me show you around.”

Chrissy led Adena around the huge Victorian showing her all the erotic Halloween decorations, stepping over and around people in various stages of undress and sexual activity. Chrissy ignored the orgy and just kept talking about the work she and Martin had done to the house.
“I can’t believe how amazing this place is Chriss. I am so glad you guys found a place that is as unique as you two are.” While she spoke to Chrissy Adena’s eyes were lingering on man dressed as Frankenstein lounging in a chair getting his very large cock sucked by a harem girl with humungous boobs swinging free.

Damn, it had been too long since she had gotten laid.

“I know it was so amazing. We were driving around looking at houses for sale and the car broke down right in front of this place. It wasn’t even on our list but we walked up to the house and instantly knew it was the one. We found an old for sale sign, called the number and within a week it was all ours.”


Unknown said...

This one sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Estella said...

Sounds good!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thanks I hope you enjoy it.

I'll be hosting a giveaway for it soon- so be on the lookout.