Friday, October 29, 2010

Sick on Halloween Weekend?

Sick on Halloween weekend?

You have got to be kidding me!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have lots of plans this weekend.

I can't be sick.

This sucks in a total non-vampire way.

I would much prefer fangs over this non-sexy suck fest. Plus if I were a vampire- I wouldn't be sick. :-)

I have been feeling run down all week. Then today I woke up with a sore throat and a major case of something cold or flu like plaguing the rest of me.

I thought it was due to my lack of sleep or my disturbed sleep.

When I did sleep it was restless due to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) doing naughty things to me in my dreams. He is such a bad boy. I have a terrible addiction to bad boys. They are my weakness. Too bad they always break my heart. Or destroy my world.

Or make me sick!

Do you follow Ian on Twitter- maybe it wasn't a dream check out what he tweeted less than an hour ago:

"It's official: I can't go to New Orleans tomorrow for the halloween parade! I'm too sick and need rest:(i hate to have to say that!! "

So is he the one that got me sick????......hmmmm :-)

Anyway naughty dreams (and fantasies) aside I feel miserable.

I need chicken soup, vitamins and cold medicine. I guess I better go stock up for the weekend so I can get through it.

I have lots of Halloween kiddie events, my mom's birthday, trick or treating and I'm supposed to go to a party. I seriously doubt I'll have the energy to make it through everything. If I do I see being dead on Monday.

Too bad I can't call in dead. My boss is a rowdy, energetic, take no prisoners 4 year old who doesn't accept sickness as a reason for not feeding and entertaining him. He's a slave driver.

So off to the store I go to get vitamins, soup and Dayquil. Probably NyQuil too for good measure.

So please help me make it through the weekend by sending happy, healthy thoughts my way.

and Ian....feel free to drop by, we can cuddle and be sick together. :-)


Lucy Felthouse said...

Sorry to hear you're sick Roxanne, but I had to smile at you inviting Ian over to be sick together. He won't be joining you I'm afraid, he's busy being nursed back to life (unlife?) by me ;)

Seriously though, totally agree with you - he is damn gorgeous.

Hope you're feeling better soon x

Roxanne Rhoads said...

thank you (even if you are a vampire stealing witch, take a man when a woman's sick is really kicking a girl when she's down ;-)

seriously though feeling a bit better today after lots of meds and chicken soup last night, we'll see how long it lasts after dragging the kids around today