Friday, December 24, 2010

A Naughty Night Before Christmas

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My Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house
I was horny as hell clicking away at my mouse

I was looking at porn on the computer with care
Fantasizing about studs with long golden hair

Hot and ready I nestled all snug in my bed
but my vibrator died when I stuck in the head

I was naked as could be holding that big dong
I had been so excited I ripped off my thong

Outside my door I heard a soft pitter patter
I fell out of bed making a really loud clatter

I passed by the window, anyone looking got a flash
I was still butt naked and I hadn't closed the sash

The moon shown off my breasts like fresh fallen snow
My neighbors would surely think I was a slutty ho

I opened my door and what did I find?
A well endowed stud ready to blow my mind

He was better than batteries any day of the week
Naughty thoughts caused a blush to creep up my cheek

I was hot and horny and ready to come
When he fell to his knees and stuck out his tongue

I wriggled and giggled and moved my pelvis against him
His tongue swirled and curled then he stuck it right in

My knees started to buckle, I was going to fall
He grabbed my buttocks and leaned me on the wall

His mouth was amazing, his tongue so fine
I hoped I could keep him and make him mine

I held back no longer and came with a shriek
Then he laid me on my bed and kissed my cheek

And then in a twinkling my legs were spread
His large cock loomed over me, the tip bright red

I drew up my knees and closed one eye
As his large candy cane slid deep into my pie

His body moved above me like liquid fire
Taking me to new heights, soaring higher and higher

My nails dug in to the muscles of his back
Pumping hard I could feel the slap of his ball sack

I looked in his eyes, how they twinkled, his smile so merry
I kissed his full lips that were red as a cherry

I envisioned him wrapped with ribbons and a bow
Waiting for me in the white Christmas snow

The length of his shaft waiting for my wet sheath
A green condom circled the head like a wreath

I opened my eyes to broad shoulders and a flat belly
I shook as he thrust my body was like jelly

His cock was chubby and plump, what a sexy elf
I was going to come again, a surprise to myself

With a wink of his eye and a thrust of his head
He pushed my body harder into the soft bed

He spoke not a word but kept up with his work
then he filled my pussy with a twist and a jerk

He laid a soft kiss beside my cold nose
And quickly up off the bed he rose

He ran out the door without a goodbye
Then suddenly past the window he did fly

I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight
"Merry Christmas, darling. I'll be back tonight."