Saturday, January 08, 2011

Character Voices in My Head

I hear random voices in my head. Sometimes it's just an exchange, a story plot, or an entire scene.

To the non-writing community this would be considered crazy. Schizophrenia anyone? But no, the voices don't tell me to do anything, I'm quite grounded with who and where I am and I know the voices aren't "real".

But they're there. And they have been for as long as I can remember.

As a child my stories were often acted out by a cast of stuffed animals and dolls that included Cabbage Patch Kids, Rainbow Bright, Pound Puppies, Carebears, and Unicorns.

Yes, I was a child of the eighties. :-) (and a teenager of the angst ridden grunge nineties, and an adult in the new millennium)

The stories and ever changing cast of characters have always been with me. Sometimes they were nothing more than daydreams to entertain other times I took the time to take notes and write them down so later they became works of fiction.

During the dark times of my life they were sometimes silent, my creativity stifled by stress and despair.

In the past several years since I started focusing on writing as a career the voices are always there. So many that I can't always keep track or write them all down. So many characters that want to come alive on the pages of my stories, novellas and novels.

Sometimes the voices pop out of nowhere with crazy seemingly random thoughts and quotes.

Today is a great example.

I was in the shower and random voices were playing in the background of my mind as they always do (I know, crazy, bonkers , loony toons right? But other authors understand, don't you?)

Anyway some random dialogue was going on in my head when an exchange caught my wandering attention and made me take notice- this was what I heard (in my head):

"Now you just hold on a minute young lady!" A male southern accented voice chastised her.

"I ain't young and right now I'm no lady!" The arrogant tone of her voice rang through the air. A growl built in her throat as she continued, "I'm a full grown alpha bitch about to tear into your ass!"

Where that came form I have no idea. I'm not currently working on any stories involving a female werewolf or any other werecreature. But it seems there is one inside me trying to get out. I found the small bit of dialogue so interesting I wrote it down and I'm filing it away. There is an alpha bitch inside me wanting out. I wonder what story she'll find herself in.


Terri Newsome said...

Cool!!! I do the same thing and you just made me realize that I have been taking them for granted. I need to write them down and breathe some life into them. Great post!