Thursday, February 03, 2011

Join Me For More Book Tour Stops & Giveaways

This is the swag pack I'm giving out at a couple stops along the tour

It's another snow day for the younger kids- for joy- another day listening to them fight and argue. Arg...

Anyway I have another tour stop today along with another giveaway.

Today I'm at Intense Whisper here's a snippet of my guest post titled My Vampire Love Affair:

Vampire myths, legends and folklore have existed throughout the ages all over the world. They have appeared in some shape or form in almost every culture and society. Yet it is mainly the 19th Century European vampire that comes to mind when we think about vampires.

The modern vampire myth was born in literature such as Carmilla and Dracula. These vampires were romanticized; they were the sensual, dark and erotic creatures that that indulged their needs and desires without the constraints and boundaries of humanity such as moral, religious and societal rules and restraints. The repressed Victorian era turned the vampire into the embodiment of dark desires and sensuality that represented all the pent up sexuality of the times. The vampire became something not only terrifying but also highly attractive and alluring.

Click here to keep reading and eneter for a chance to win a free pdf of An Unexpected Evening and an author swag pack.

And here's part of my guest post from Leilani Loves Books:

The Everlasting Appeal of the Supernatural
Guest Blog by Roxanne Rhoads

Why are we drawn to the paranormal? Is it to escape?

Is it because we want to believe there is something more than this everyday normal world?

Is there something else out there beyond what we “know” to be real?

I think now more than ever paranormal and urban fantasy books and movies offer people a much needed escape from the everyday existence that has become so…ordinary and sometimes scary- the economic crisis, the wars, the everyday horrors that we face. In books and movies we can control our “monsters” and hope for a happy ending.

We can also fantasize about what it would be like to have super powers, to be immortal, to be super seductive and a fabulous lover.

And of all supernatural creatures vampires seem to be the most seductive, at least to many of us. People have long been drawn to the vampire more so than any other creature of myth and fantasy. Seductive and sexy vampires grace the pages of books and appear on the movie and television screen over and over again, each new vampire a source of amusement and desire to us. But why? What is the everlasting attraction of the vampire?

Before the 19th century vampires were just mindless monsters, myths and legends that were horrible and frightening, not sexy, not desirable.

Literature changed all that.

Consider this description from the introduction of Blood Read: The Vampire as Metaphor in Contemporary Culture written by Joan Gordon and Veronica Hollinger.

[The vampire is] “an ambiguously coded figure, a source of erotic anxiety and corrupt desire, the literary vampire is one of the most powerful archetypes bequeathed to us from the imagination of the nineteenth century.”

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I hope you'll visit me at my stops for your chance to win.


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