Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Minute Ideas for Romantic Valentine's Meals

Valentine’s “Clean” Meals For Two: Romantic Delicious Recipes With Chocolate “Aphrodisiac” Desserts – for that extra spark!

Avoid the long waits, hefty bill and belly this Valentine’s Day, and make a romantic picnic lunch or dinner from home. Adding the extra effort of planning and making the meal yourself makes all the difference on this holiday of love. The newly released book, The Best of Clean Eating, offers plans just for two with healthy and delicious, yet simple, recipes-finished off with decadent desserts.

Planning a lunch picnic? The elegant yet easy sandwich, Cajun Catfish Po’ Boy & Cooling Vegetable Salad, is the way to go. Dinner options: Go Italian with Cherry Tomato Meatballs or One-Skillet Lamb Chops for a full of flavor and simple yet impressive dish.

Simple Yet Elegant Sole & Asparagus - Shrimp, Artichoke & New Potato Stew for Two – Quick & Healthy Pasta Carbonara – Potato & Egg Italiano Sandwich – Baked Salmon with Orange Glaze – Roasted Chicken & Portobello Focaccia – Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich, just to name a few other options from the book.

Chocolate is widely renowned as one of the most natural aphrodisiacs, since it contains a chemical called PEA that is often compared to that of sexual bliss. Choose from the wide variety of calorie cutting recipes, there are sure fire ways to top of the day, below are two examples from the book: Molten Lava Cake and Coconut Chai Chocolate Cake

Discover just how simple and satisfying healthy eating can be with this delicious new book: The Best of Clean Eating – Improving Your Life One Meal At A time – over 200 mouthwatering recipes to keep you lean and healthy!