Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Days, Virtual Tour Stops & Giveaways

So who's snowed in today?

Here in Michigan we did get that 15 inches of snow, more in some areas and the drifts made everything even worse. I can't open my back door there's so much snow in front of it.

My oldest son finally made it home around 2 am last night after getting stuck 3 times only to get stuck in the driveway because his front tire slid into the yard. So we left it to dig out today.

The some crazy guy pulls into our driveway to turn around (because the bridge over the expressway has been closed since before Christmas yet blind people don't see the large, orange blinking signs that say road closed)- and slid the front of hi car into the ditch. Then wakes our whole house up to try to help him get out then he asks my husband to drive him somewhere. My husband said no way- a state of emergency had been declared and no one was supposed to be on the roads after 3 am, if caught they could get a ticket. So the guy headed out on foot.

My son's friend brought his big ol' truck over and yanked both cars out of the driveway this afternoon and pulled them into a plowed out parking lot across the street. And you know that guy came and picked his car up and never even came back to tell us thank you for pulling his car out of the ditch. What an ass- that saved him at least $150 tow truck fee. He was probably still mad at my husband for not driving him somewhere. Oh well, we don't suffer idiots around here, if he hadn't been stupid we would have helped him but my husband said he was a jerk to begin with. So whatever.

Anyway, haven't seen aplow truck come down my road yet- they're supposed to be out but I haven't seen one and the teenager has to be to work at 4pm. Hope he makes it there ok. Today I am really missing my 4 wheel drive SUV. The lease was up and we turned it in last month and got a crossover thing- it's like part SUV part mini van- more mini van than anything. It has more space for the family and some cool features but no 4 wheel drive or major towing capacity which the husband is bitching about because he wants to get a camper. I told him when we can afford a camper then we can also afford a truck to tow it. He's just a truck guy but I'm sorry a truck is not practical for me to drive to the grocery store with a car full of kids and right now we can't afford 2 vehicles. So we deal with our mini van thing.

Today on my virtual book tour I am over at Leilani Loves Books with a guest blog about "The Everlasting Appeal of the Supernatural" and I'm giving away a prize pack of author swag along with a pdf of An Unexpected Evening ,
drop by and leave a comment to be entered to win.

If you have been following Bewitching Book Tours, Donna Burgess is also on tour and she's offering a free print copy and a free ebook copy of Darklands: A Vampire's Tale over at Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess today.


Estella said...

No snow where I live. Thank goodness!