Thursday, May 19, 2011

NO BETTER TIME THAN THE PRESENT? End of the World Erotica Anticipates the Rapture

(Cambridge, MA) -- According to some religious sects purchasing billboard advertising across the country, this Saturday is Judgement Day.

(I hadn't heard, why this Saturday? I joke that my son- whose birthday is Saturday- is Satan but jeez I didn't know his 5th Birthday signified the end of the world LOL)

In case the end of the world really does come on May 21st, Circlet Press has put their anthology of end-of-the-world erotic science fiction, APOCALYPSE SEX, on sale for one cent.

APOCALYPSE SEX features four stories of sudden sex in the face of doomsday. With their own demise staring them in the face, the characters in the book all come to the same conclusion: it's time to have the best sex of their lives. Inhibitions are cast aside and fantasies are fulfilled as the doomed chase down their deepest desires. The book includes stories by J. Daniel Sawyer, Elizabeth Coldwell, Elizabeth Schechter, Beverly Langland, and David Hubbard.

The one cent offer is available through midnight Eastern time on May 21st only on If the world is still around after that, or to console those of us left behind, the book will then be 99 cents for another week before reverting to its normal $4.99 price. Read a sample or download the book from