Monday, May 30, 2011

Paranormal Pleasures Review from Sizzling Hot Books

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Ten quick stories to satisfy almost any craving… Witches with Vampires, with humans, with Demons; Humans with witches, vamps, oh, and a ghost. And the erotic combos are just as varying: the standard m/f, a ménage f/f/m with a little f/f, a old triangle of two guys wanting the same girl but the girl wanting both guys… You get the idea that Roxanne Rhoads has written a collection of a little bit of everything here, right?

Overall, is an interesting short story collection with a wide variety of both paranormal and erotic ideas. Witches, Vamps, Demons, and even humans with paranormals are all here. And the vanilla (non-BDSM) erotic mix is represented as well: standard m/f; ménage m/f/m; ménage f/f/m with a little f/f; the old triangle of two guys wanting the same girl leading to the girl wanting the two guys in a threesome (classic ménage m/f/m); and a sex party hinting at a orgy.

The interaction between the characters and the sex scenes are well written (and hot). At times, the darker side of the paranormal comes out, but Roxanne Rhoads still brings a HEA ending to the story even if it might have a darker twist. Paranormal Pleasures has a variety of stories as well, from funny (Overkill is a unique way of dealing with relationship problems) to holiday themed.

The stories in Paranormal Pleasures are short enough to read while waiting on appointments or housework like laundry, but at around 12 to 20 pages each, these make the perfect bedtime reading, not even scary so won’t keep one awake. So for the paranormal reader looking for a quick break, here is a sexy collection to distract you from the real world.