Monday, May 30, 2011

A Review of Alfresco Loving

I probably chose the wrong time of year to read this eBook, given it’s got a couple frolicking in the sun and is full of outdoorsy stories. On the other hand, what better way to bring sunshine to a grim autumn day?

Containing stories from five erotic authors, this book promises variety of the smuttiest kind. And it certainly delivered.

Containing witchy sex, surfer smut, mermaid mating, threesome titillation and dangerous dalliances, Alfresco Loving is a very hot read. I didn’t enjoy all of the stories equally, but they were all brilliantly written and veryerotic. My favourite of the five was Roxanne Rhoads’ storyWelcome Spring, a tale about a witch taking part in a ritual to welcome the beginning of spring. It starts off being a little erotic, and ends up being extremely saucy! I also really enjoyed Viva Jones’ story about a wealthy woman staying in her foreign villa. It had a different take on what could have been a cliched situation and was damn sexy.

Overall, though, this is a fab read and worth picking up, whatever you’re into.

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