Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sinisterotica- An Erotic Horror Anthology

Check out my newest book, an erotic horror anthology Sinisterotica- contains my story "Succubitch"

Book Description

A cry in the dark... a howl on the wind... are these the sounds of pleasure or pain? Twenty-four authors blur the line between pleasure and pain in this sinful collection of erotic horror, proving that sometimes bad feels good. Includes short stories by the following authors: Stella Berkley, Deb Eskie, Robert S. Tyler, Lila Shaw, Gustavo Bondoni, Maxine Marsh, Sealey Andrews, Christopher Heath, C.D. Reimer, T.C. Clark, L.M. Doyle, Joshua Dobson, Indy McDaniel, Parisa Syrus, A.J. French, Angel Propps, Matt Kurtz, J. Leigh Bailey, Peter Baltensperger, Lawrence Vernon, Anton Strauss, R. Brennan, Roxanne Rhoads and Eden Royce.