Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexy Excerpt from Dark Magick

Book Description:

The world has changed, we have changed. The world we once knew has fallen away and left us in a wasteland of Magick. Powerful witches and underworld gods control our lives. The past comes back in ways we are not prepared for. The Gatekeepers are our only hope. The question is if we can get to them first.

Sexy Excerpt from Dark Magick:

I took off his shirt in a hurry, wanting him, as I always did. When he touched me the passion over rode all senses and I wanted him. He loved to torment me by taking his time. His lips found mine again, as he worked at unbuttoning my pants.

I eagerly helped him with taking them off in a quick motion. And immediately in return unbuttoned his pants and took them off. He laughed at me, as he always did.

Laying at my side he again caressed my breasts, and ran his tongue along my neck while
pressing his hardness against me so I could feel that he wanted me. I nibbled at his neck in return.

He held my hand to the ground as I lay on my back he kissed my body stopping at my belly button and brushing his tongue there, which caused an immediate electrifying reaction in my whole body.

I broke his grasp and pulled him back up to me. Kissing him, entwining my tongue with his. He
stopped me again, while his hand traveled the length of my body, touched my fur, and finding its
way very skillfully to my clit, and then even further, I broke our kiss and moaned with utter

And he moved his fingers with ease, and enjoyed watching me react to each plunge, to each
little touch or tickle. He watched me. In return I reached for him and stroked him lovingly, keeping up the same pace as he did, watching him react to me, moaning, with a little more discretion then I did.

Our breathing was becoming harder and fast as we kissed, then he moved his hand and grabbed
mine, bringing it out from between us, and placing himself inside of me.

His hardness hit me with a hard thrust causing a louder moan, while rubbing his body against

I relaxed my legs a little before the next thrust which again hit both of my g spots, causing another moan. Soon I was worked into a full blown orgasm, clenching my body against his as hard as I could.


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