Thursday, September 08, 2011

Erotica Quarterly #4 Is Now Available: Get a Free Taste

The newest release containing my erotica is now available- Erotica Quarterly #4- this one is full of Halloween inspired erotica for Halloween, Autumn Christmas. I have 2 stories in this one- "In the Alley" and "The Christmas Party"

It is currently available to order in print from (where you'll also see Erotica Quarterly 2 and 3 which also contain a couple of my erotica shorts and Sinisterotica which contains my horrotica short, Succubitch)

You can also get an ebook copy at Amazon. Print copies will soon be available from Amazon as well.

If you would like a free preview to Erotica Quarterly 4 you can read and glance through it at:

Volume 1, Issue 4 of EROTICA QUARTERLY
Erotica Quarterly #4 (October 2011)
Cover Price $9.99
ISBN-13: 978-1-61706-145-5

Features erotic short fiction, including Halloween Inspired Erotica: Unfinished Business by Breanna Lewis, To Rest in Peace by Katharine Lark, For Him by Perverted Imp, Caramel and Cantaloupe by Jo Atkinson, Caught Under the October Moon by Kiki Howell, Orgasm by Moonlight by Tyler Kurtz, The Illusionist by Stephanie L. Morrell, The Ape and I by VL Sheridan, Cambion by Brett Williams, Nicole the Vamphyri by Joseph Rubas, Pulse Stop by LM Doyle, Drugged Up by Indy McDaniel, Singillatim by Nicolette Seville, Ignitabulum by Nicolette Seville, ADVententia by Nicolette Seville, ADSEVERATIO by Nicolette Seville, In the Alley by Roxanne Rhoads, Dominance by Savannah Nolen, Finishing by Savannah Nolen, The Sorceress and the Vampire by Brianna Stoddard, Insomnia by Stephanie L. Morrell & Trick or Treat by Christine Parkside. Also includes Autumn and early Winter short stories: The First Touch by Stephanie L. Morrell, Rainy Day Blues by Shauni Barencourte, Cancun by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Solace by Mara Mc Bain, Audition by Josephine Scott, The Other Girl by Voicu Mihnea Simandan, Rush Hour by Ken Staley, Snow Strangers by Christine Rains, Dr. Stranger Love by Shauni Barencourte & Leaves of Love by Shauni Barencourte. Three holiday erotic short stories are also featured: Thanksgiving Feast by Brianna Stoddard, Christmas by Brianna Stoddard & The Christmas Party by Roxanne Rhoads. Lastly, this issue includes a recipe for “Caramel and Cantaloupe” by Jo Atkinson, a book review of James W. Lewis’ A HARD MAN IS GOOD TO FIND and a book excerpt of Lynn Mullican’s paranormal/erotic novel, BAD ELEMENTS: CRYSTAL DRAGON. [Text Only Version; Full Version is available in Print]


Louisa Bacio said...

Oooh, how I adore "themed" stories! Thanks for the info.