Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sapphire Phelan's Halloween Costume Guest Blog and Giveaway

Halloween is coming, and with Halloween is the thought to wear a scary costume. But can’t something scary also be sexy? For example, there’s Elvira ( ). I remember watching her Movie Macabre back in the 70s-early 80s when I lived in El Cajon, California. She was the epitome of being vampish. But even she based her persona on Natasha nod Boris and Natasha of Rocky and Bullwinkle, plus all those sexy vampires in the films of the 30s/40s.

Vampires are considered not just frightening, but a hot item these days: male or female. Even teens are lusting over the vampires in Twilight. Why are they sexy? Is it because they are immortal, yet vulnerable and also forever young? Drink blood? And the number one reason: maybe because they can be reformed from being the ultimate bad boy or girl. What is it about vampires that makes your blood heat up?

Forget the scare aspect of shifters like werewolves. There’s just something hot about bringing out the beast in a man. And when they’re able to rip you apart with claw and fangs, well, that just ups the sex appeal.

There are so many yummy paranormal beings out there to become for this one night of the year. From fairies to vampires to werewolves to demons to sorcerers, and much, much more, Halloween brings out the sexy supernatural in all of us. Don’t you agree?

With Halloween I have a couple of paranormals available as perfect reads and maybe even inspirations for costumes for this time of the year. Like Being Familiar With a Witch (set during Halloween) and its sequel, A Familiar Tangle With Hell (set during New Year’s Eve). Both are eBooks available through Kindle, All Romance eBooks, Nook and Phaze Books .

And my short vampire paranormal romance, “His Girl,” is included in Just Another Paranormal Halloween , an anthology of eight paranormal romances, is available both as an eBook and print trade paperback.

Blurbs for Being Familiar With a Witch and A Familiar Tangle With Hell:

Tina doesn't know she's a witch. It will take Charun, her demon Familiar, to convince her to make love with him and let loose her witch powers. For if she doesn't, then with the demon army about to bring Armageddon to the Mortal Realm on Halloween, she won't stand a chance in Hell.

The sizzling sequel to the EPIC Award finalist Being Familiar With a Witch!

Tina and Charun thought it was all over and that their life would be normal--well, as normal as it could be for an immortal Witch and her demon Familiar. Except there was another prophesy, one that laid claim that if Lucifer snatches Tina and mates with her before the last chime before midnight of the new year and gets her pregnant with his son, that the real Armageddon would begin, spelling the end of life as they knew it.

When Tina is stolen away, Charun, along with Jacokb the archangel, must race against time into the bowels of Hell to rescue her. But with demons, Lucifer, and a cute demon bunny with fangs out of a Monty Python nightmare, out to stop them and Heaven not lending a hand, will Tina become the mother of the Antichrist and the start of a new Hell on Earth?

Just Another Paranormal Halloween Blurb:

On the Darkest Knight of a Pixie's Holiday, you'll feel an A-mazing Grace, but beware of Love, Lies and Zombie Cries, for Samhain's Visitor and His Girl will arrive at the Tiger's Masquerade, followed by the Man in the Long Black Coat. It's Just Another ParaNormal Halloween at the Castle... Mojocastle.

Short excerpt from His Girl:

"I'm a vampire."

The admission came out in a husky whisper.

"Wait a minute. What did you say?"

She tossed her hair back and snarled, revealing the fangs again, razor sharp. No longer did she look like the sweet, loving Aimee he knew, but more like some wild, untamed animal. Inhuman and terrifying, she raged on.

"An undead monster! I feed upon living beings and exist on their blood. That's why I haven't changed or grown older. I died that night thirty years ago, thanks to the vampire who took me in those woods not far from the motel. The next night, he sank his fangs into my cunt, feasting on both my blood and come as I came. It turned me on and that's what upsets me the most! That I climaxed while being drained to the point of death by some monster. Because I gave him pleasure in turn, he decided to turn me as his way of thanking me, along with deciding to keep me for companionship and fucking."

She surged off the bed. Anger glowed hot in her eyes as she stood before him like some avenging naked goddess from myth, ready to exact punishment in the most awful and yet, erotic way. Evan rose to his feet. Earlier his phallus had softened from shock and fear, but now it began to grow rigid again as he stared into her red eyes. He took a step closer.

His arms encircled her and he drew her to him. He captured her lips and enjoyed the sharp jab from the tips of her fangs, as they pricked his bottom lip and drew blood. He didn't care though; all he wanted was Aimee, his swollen shaft inside her, taking her deep and hard. It didn't even matter that she admitted to enjoying what the monster that had made her had done to her.

Leave a comment what costume you plan to wear for Halloween to be entered to win a download of Just Another Paranormal Halloween. The winner will be picked on Saturday, October 22nd so get those comments in quickly.

~Sapphire Phelan

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Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Sapphire, couldn't resist checking out your blog. Elvira is/was an inspiration in sexy costuming for Halloween.

desitheblonde said...

me it would be lady gadivia she had long hair and rode a great horse my dog he the cowboy in the family
and the reason i pick it i lost
my waist long hair to cancer and got pissed

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I'm a wearing a sexy steampunk inspired vampire costume- black top with lots of lace, underbust corset, black lace skirt with a red bustle skirt over that and cute black leather boots that could pass for 1800s style

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Desi. :(

and the reason i pick it i lost
my waist long hair to cancer and got pissed

Anonymous said...

Mine is a Victorian steampunk zombie costume--I know not sexy. Think Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I made the dress myself.

Anonymous said...

Going out in my best Renaissance garb, the tights still fit tight in just the right places.

A.M. Burns

Debby said...

I make a really great witch. Fun to dress up in. Love those covers.
debby236 at gmail dot com