Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Seduced by the Supernatural

I have always been a fan of anything paranormal.

The love of all things supernatural seems to be part of my DNA. From a very young age I loved ghost stories, scary movies, and anything witchy. My favorite shows included Scooby Doo, The Addams Family and the Munsters.

And Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.

When I was around eleven I found a copy of Interview with a Vampire at a yard sale and my love of the supernatural evolved to include vampires.

Books had always been an escape for me. As an only child growing up in a semi-rural area I didn’t have neighborhoods full of kids to play with. I had a swing set and books. I would sit on my swing and read, lie under a tree and read, sit in a tree in read. Yes a theme emerged. Me and a book- anywhere and everywhere. I read everything I could get my hands on but anything with a taste of something spooky made me enjoy it even more.

The thrill of the paranormal made the books that much more interesting.

As I grew older the love of all things spooky became something different. My supernatural books became ever more seductive and the lure to believe in “something more” grew stronger.

I was thoroughly seduced by the paranormal, wanting to escape into something magical, something more, something better than my boring, mundane existence.

And then I discovered not just scary tales and ghostly characters but the supernatural hero- the paranormal man to drool over. Talk about seduction. Wow.

Sigh…human men could just never be enough for me after that…book wise I mean ;-)

When I began writing fiction I just had to write about sexy supernatural creatures- male, female, didn’t matter. What mattered was that they were supernatural, sexy and so much more interesting than your average everyday human.

Forget about economic despair, unplanned pregnancies, illness, cancer, and the woes of the everyday human existence.

Sure being a supernatural entity has its own downfalls- like being looked at as a monster by most humans, always being in a power struggle with other supernaturals, and living a long and lonely life with no one understanding or loving you- that is until you find “the one”.

But for the most part- what’s not to love? Superhuman strength, magic powers like mind reading or mind control, teleporting, becoming invisible, shooting fireballs out of your hands…and let’s not forget all that supernatural sexual appeal that draws humans to you like moths to a flame.

Who wouldn’t be seduced by all that?

I know there are plenty of people who don’t enjoy the paranormal and urban fantasy genres- so sad for them; they don’t know what they’re missing.

Good thing this site is geared towards all of us who have already been thoroughly seduced. :-)

My newest book is not for the faint of heart or underage readers. It can strictly be labeled as paranormal erotica. Full of ten paranormal tales of supernatural seduction that each feature the sexiest of supernatural creatures: witches, vampires, demons…even a ghost. I hope you’ll be seduced. Just don’t expect a lot of hearts and flowers romance. Not in this collection. Nope in hear you’ll find heart pounding, blood pumping scenes of passion…perfectly fitting for these lusty and very naughty night creatures.


Lexi said...

Sounds frighteningly delicious! I hope it does very well for you!