Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Nina Croft- Making Christmas Sexy

For me, Christmas is a holiday that’s all about friends and family and therefore not particularly sexy. That’s sort of sad, so I think everyone should take some time out to add a little sexiness to the festivities and the best way to do that is to resort to one of my favorite pastimes—reading romance.

So put the turkey (or goose in my case this year) in the oven, sneak back to bed, and snuggle up with a nice, sexy, Christmas themed romance. For me it would have to include a vampire or maybe a werewolf and a few strategically placed sprigs of mistletoe.

Or, even better, if you think you’re liable to be disturbed in the bedroom, then how about a nice, hot bubbly bath, and if you can sneak a bottle of cava (that’s Spanish champagne) and some chocolates in with you—all the better.

Probably a novella is best, as you’re unlikely to be granted enough time to read a full length novel. And it just so happens I have a Christmas themed novella, Mid-Winter Magic, perfect for the occasion.

And to whet your appetites here’s a little excerpt:

Dina had no clue what Ty was thinking. Since they’d left Ash’s place, he hadn’t said a word.

She let them back into her house and led him into the kitchen. She wanted to know when he planned to take her back to the Conclave. Most of her life was in order. She still had to sort out new homes for the cats, but she had a good idea how to solve that little problem. She turned to him and opened her mouth to ask. Then shut it again. He was staring at her, a strange expression in his dark eyes.

“I need to try something,” Ty said.

Alarm flicked across her nerve endings as he took a step towards her. “What do you need to try?”

He trailed one lean finger down her cheek, along the line of her jaw, slipped it beneath her chin.

She stayed perfectly still.

He applied a slight pressure, and her head tilted upwards. His face remained blank, except for his dark eyes gleaming in the dim light. Her heart rate picked up until she could hear the blood thundering in her veins.

She suspected he could hear it too, as a slight smile curved his mouth. She swallowed.

The pad of his thumb rubbed over her lower lip, and awareness shot through her. She struggled, her arm pulling against the cuff that tied her to him.

“Shh,” he murmured, leaning in close, his breath feathering across her skin. “Stay still. I’m not going to harm you.” His hand slipped behind her to cradle her head. “Not tonight, anyway.”

Then he kissed her. Shock held her motionless as his cool lips crushed hers, and his hard body pressed her backwards. She gave way before him, until the counter at her back stopped her retreat. With her hand fastened to his, she could do nothing to escape the onslaught. After a few seconds, she didn’t want to try.

Her mouth parted beneath his, and his tongue thrust inside. Ty groaned, low in his throat, as he grasped her hips, lifting her onto the counter without breaking the kiss. His hands slipped between her thighs, spreading them wide so he could step between them and push in close.

Dina kissed him back. She stroked her tongue along the length of his, skimming the hard edges of his teeth. She flirted with the tip of one fang, and when it pricked her, she tasted the sweet, metallic tang of her own blood.

His grip tightened with a new urgency, as his hands slid beneath her top, gliding over her rib cage. She didn’t wear a bra. She’d never needed to, unlike Edna, and the feel of his large hand cupping her bare breast sent waves of pleasure crashing into her. Her body remembered how they had been together, and moist heat flooded between her thighs. His fingers tugged at the taut peaks, sending darts of exquisite sensation shooting down through her belly, to pool in her sex.

His mouth left hers, but his hands continued to play with her nipples while he nuzzled her throat, his fangs grazing her flesh.

She had no thought to deny him. Her whole body screamed to let him do what he would. Only when he pressed her back, and her bound hand twisted painfully beneath her, did she come out of the sensual trance.

“Ty, stop it, you’re hurting me.”

Mid-Winter Magic is part of the Passionate Christmas anthology. Four stories all set in the small town of Five Oaks.

So if vampires aren’t your thing, try one of the others.

So what’s your favorite way to make Christmas just a little bit sexy? Let me know for a chance to win an ecopy of Mid-Winter Magic


jfort357 said...

To make my holiday sexy, I like to surprise my husband by wearing HOT Christmas lingerie!!!! ;-)

This book sounds intriguing!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


Anonymous said...

A great story and a GREAT idea on hopping back into bed Christmas morning (now, if only I could get the kids to go back to bed too!)

Unknown said...

I love this story,it would be nice to make Christmas a little sexy the only problem is dealing with the dogs and getting the kids to go back to bed. Merry Christmas !!

Andrea said...

My sexy would have to be hopping back in the bed and reading a sexy story.


MamaElk said...

Candles flickering, soft music, wine, red lingerie with santa hats for both!

gfc mamaelk
mamaelk1113 at gmail dot com

Debby said...

The Christmas tree and loving with all those lights is so much fun
debby236 at gmail dot com

Ronda Tutt said...

Wow, the books look so good.

Usually we have the fire place going with all the flashing lights going on the mantal and the tree. We turn the big lights out and everything becomes a glow.

Add a little wine to the mix while sitting next to each other on the couch snuggled up, nothing is more romantic than that for me.

Happy Holidays!
Thanks for the nice giveaway.

Ronda Tutt