Saturday, December 10, 2011

Liia Ann White, Her First White Christmas 1Night Stand Tour

Thank you so much to Roxanne for having me today.
I thought I’d share a naughty little excerpt from Her First White Christmas. If you like a sexy Aussie partaking in some risky public sexual activity, then this is for you.

“So, where should we start the fun?” His Australian accent held a slight twang of American. That intrigued her. He’d obviously been in the United States for a while. “We can drink and talk or head to the bedroom.”

Her cheeks flushed at his words. Bella Donna wanted nothing more at that moment than to be pinned beneath his body as he pounded into her. But her stomach had other ideas. It growled loudly. She blushed even more when Remy chuckled.

“Food it is.”

How embarrassing.

“I haven’t eaten in about eight hours.”

He stared at her, the skin on his forehead wrinkling slightly when he raised his brows. She had no idea why, but she’d always found that particular expression sexy. “Eight hours? We definitely have to get some food into you.”

I’d like something else in me right now. Bella Donna snickered at her thought. She’d always been forward when it came to sex, but Remy had her mind on a filth overload.

“Come on, let’s get you a proper meal.”

Shaking her head, she smiled. “I’d rather skip the meal and go straight to dessert.” Remy’s eyes danced with amusement and she realized what she’d said.

“I didn’t actually mean for that to be dirty. I’ve always had a sweet tooth—I prefer desserts.”
He laughed lightly and stepped forward until his body almost pressed up against hers. The small of her back tingled in anticipation and her mouth went dry.

“I plan on taking you over and over tonight. You’re going to need all the sustenance you can get.”
The husky tone of his voice had her panties soaked. Remy’s head lowered and his lips came crashing down on hers. Gripping either side of her face, he tilted her head back farther to deepen the kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, and Bella Donna couldn’t stop the low moan that escaped from her throat.

His lips and tongue worked on devouring every inch of her mouth while his hands moved from her face to grip her waist. Needing to touch him, she ran her hands up his chest, feeling the contours of defined muscle beneath the thin fabric of his shirt. His shoulders were broad and toned, his neck sinewy. She cupped his face, enjoying the feel of slight stubble under her fingertips. She loved a few days’ growth on a man.

Remy broke away and let out a gentle sigh. “Well, that was nice.”

“Nice is an understatement.” Bella Donna licked her lips and took a step back from him.

“Now let’s get you some food.”

He gripped her hand in his and led her from the room.

Remy subtly shifted the crotch of his pants as he walked hand in hand with Bella Donna toward the restaurant. His cock had hardened to such an extent that it felt incredibly uncomfortable as he moved; each step had it rubbing against the zipper of his jeans. It took a lot of self-control on his part not to throw her on the bed and fuck her until she screamed his name.

But he wanted to drag out her pleasure. She would need all the energy she could get for tonight. Her ass swayed as she followed the restaurant hostess to the back of the establishment. A natural wiggle, rather than the exaggerated movement so many women used when trying to appear sexy.

Her hair fell in golden waves over her shoulders when she turned to face him.

“Is this table okay with you?”

She gestured to a cozy booth, almost completely secluded. Going by her sultry smirk, Bella Donna planned on using the private table to their advantage. Saucy woman.

“It’s perfect.” He looked to the hostess. “Thank you.”

Seated next to each other, they ordered drinks and entrees quickly. Remy waited until the hostess was out of earshot. “Planning on enjoying the privacy, are you?”

She grinned, her eyes showing amusement and arousal. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She ran her hand up his thigh, coming incredibly close to his crotch before she stopped.

Oh hell, this woman’s going to have me begging to see her again after
With a wink, she squeezed his leg lightly before removing her hand. Two can play at that game. He saw a waitress approaching with their drinks and quickly moved to touch Bella Donna’s thigh, stroking her soft and silky smooth skin.

Remy moved his hand up until he reached the juncture he sought. Running a finger along the band of her panties, he grinned, enjoying the way her skin flushed. She sucked in a breath and shot him a look of slight embarrassment, along with enjoyment and the lust he’d sought.

Remy moved his fingers over her mound, his cock jumping when he found the material of her panties completely soaked. Quickly, he slipped his digits beneath the cotton and parted her slick folds. Bella Donna squealed and clamped her legs together the moment he touched her clit.

The waitress stood before the table and smiled at them, clearly oblivious to what went on under the table. “Two bourbons and a water?”

“Thank you,” he replied casually.

Bella Donna let out a breath and regarded him with wide eyes. “I can’t believe you did that while she stood right here.”

“Really?” He found her entrance and he paused for a moment. “What about this?” He thrust a finger inside her, enjoying the way she gasped and gripped his wrist. He moved his finger in and out, wriggling it around until he located her Gspot. Enjoying the way her cheeks flushed, he stilled his motion and reached for a drink with his free hand.

Raising his glass to her, Remy waited until she grabbed hers. “To us.”