Friday, March 30, 2012

Dating on a Budget: Ten Fun Dates That Cost Little to No Money

Money woes killing your love life? Here are ten budget friendly dates that cost little to no money.
While they might not impress or be appropriate on the first date they’re perfect for those already in an established and comfortable relationship.

Romance doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it is often the littlest thins that end up meaning the most and will become the memories you cherish.

1. Look for free events in your area. Summer time is full of festivals, concerts and outdoor shows. Local parks often offer art in the park, movies under moonlight, and music in the park. They are usually free, of course vendors are usually there charging excessive fees for drinks and food but you could always pack a picnic basket.

2. Visit art galleries or museums with free admission. Add some culture to your life; it may be a completely new experience for you. Enjoy it…for free and with the one you love.

3. Be one with nature. Seriously, go to a local park, nature preserve, lake or somewhere and just enjoy nature. Go for a walk together and hold hands, hike or ride bikes together. A little physical activity gets the blood pumping which can lead to other physical activities later.

4. Have an old fashioned picnic in the park. Grab a blanket, pack some sandwiches and drinks and hit the park. Watch children play and people stroll. It’s a quiet way to unwind. Ditch the cell phones and iPods and just enjoy each other.

5. Star gaze. This is something my husband and I love to do. On warm clear nights we’ll sit outside under the stars and just watch the sky change above us. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to see a shooting star. Many times because we’re so quiet we’ll see critters roam through our yard: deer, raccoons and coyotes have all made appearances.

6. Cook dinner together with only the ingredients you have on hand. Now this can be a very creative and fun experience. We’ve come up with some tasty (and other not so tasty) and always interesting dishes. Thank goodness we always keep pasta and rice in the house. You can make pretty much anything with one of those.

7. Play old fashioned board games…with a twist. Make it strip monopoly or strip checkers or whatever sounds found to you. You two will spend old fashioned quality time together while still heating up the evening.

8. Have an old fashioned movie night at home. Raid your old movie collection and watch one of your favorites that you haven’t seen in years, or find an undiscovered gem lurking in the stacks. Pop some popcorn and cuddle on the sofa, just the two of you…clothes optional.

9. Make something together. This may sound odd to those who are craft challenged but give it a try, collect art supplies that are lying around the house and get creative together. Whether you write bad poetry or create whimsical greeting cards make something together or something for each other. Creativity is the spark of life.

10. Have a spa day at home. Grab all the beauty products you can find, pull out the mani/pedi supplies, grab the deep conditioner, the bubble bath, the body scrubs or whatever you have on hand, get out the fluffy towels and bath robes and pamper the heck out of each other. After all the scrubs, the filing and the conditioning give each other a massage. It’ll be the best date ever. Trust me guys, even you’ll enjoy it. There’s a lot of naked time involved.