Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sex in Words

I love reading and writing erotica and erotic romance. There’s something about a well written erotic story that transcends all other types of non-physical erotic stimulation.

Stimulation through photos, video or even a live “show”- like a strip club, that’s all immediate and there’s no need to use your imagination. The artist, director, or dancer has taken care of all that for you. It’s mindless sexual gratification. And where’s the fun in that?

Me, I like something a little more cerebral.

Sex in words requires you to imagine the scene, imagine or become the characters, it’s all in your head painted and put together with just the right words.

Arousal through the written word can be a slow build, a sensual experience that can touch all of your erogenous zones- most of all your mind; the largest erogenous zone that you have, though sadly often the most unstimulated one.

Well crafted sex scenes and vivid imagery can create a fantasy scene like no picture or movie ever can. It is so much more intimate, more personal, more touching- the right words can grip your heart, arouse your mind and heat the genitals.

I love my job- creating fantasies with the written word, fulfilling all my dreams, fantasies and desires with each new story I craft.