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Sneak Peak of Lee Rudnicki's Screenplay THE LAST THING ON THE LIST

Hello everyone. 

My name is Lee, I’m the author of the novel and upcoming movie, My Immortal: The Vampires of Berlin. If you’re interested in checking out My Immortal, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For the rest of this guest post, I’m going to outside of the box a bit, and give you a scene from one of my other projects.  You don't need any context at all, just enjoy …

© 2012 Lee Rudnicki


The phone rings.

KELLI, a cute 20­something woman with short red hair, walks across her apartment and picks up the phone. The voice on the other line belongs to Matthew.

KELLI:  Hello?

MATTHEW:   Kelli?

KELLI:  Yeah. Who's this?

MATTHEW: Matthew. We were in marching band together. I hope I'm not bothering you.

KELLI:  No, not at all. I’m trying to remember who you are, exactly. Are you the guy in the Mets hat?

MATTHEW:  No, that's Roger. I am the guy who ... well ... ummmm ... I dunno. I played clarinet. My name is Matthew. Does that ring a bell?

KELLI:  No, not really. Look, I have homework to do ...

MATTHEW:  I'm sorry. Look, this won't take long.

KELLI:  What won't take long?

MATTHEW:  Tell me you love me.

KELLI:  Excuse me? Is this some sort of practical joke?

MATTHEW:  No, listen. Please. Tell me you love me. It's important.

The sound of drunken yelling in a foreign language comes over the phone.

KELLI:  What is that noise?

MATTHEW (V0):  Kelli, I have to hurry. It's getting late here.

KELLI:  HERE? What do you mean, it's getting late HERE? Where are you?

MATTHEW:  Czechoslovakia. Well, I guess it's technically the Czech Republic now.

KELLI: Matthew, what are you doing in Czechoslovakia???

MATTHEW: Well, it's technically the Czech Repu...

KELLI:  Whatever! Have you lost your mind???

MATTHEW:  Please. Tell me you love me.

KELLI:  Look, I'm not even sure I know who you are ... I thought you were the guy in the Mets hat. And I am supposed to tell you I love you?

MATTHEW:  Yeah. That's the last part.

KELLI:  The last part of what??

MATTHEW:  My plan. Can you please say it?

KELLI:  You have ten seconds to tell me what's going on, or I'm hanging up.

MATTHEW:  If I tell you, will you tell me you love me? Just once?

KELLI:  Are we on the radio? Is this the morning zoo?

MATTHEW:  Kelli, time is running out. Tell me you love me. Please!

KELLI:  Matthew. You tell me what's going on... and I'll tell you I love you.

MATTHEW:  Today was my last day.


MATTHEW: I flew here yesterday. I woke up this morning and I went to a 500
year­old church ... I talked to God

KELLI:  You flew there to talk to God?

MATTHEW:  We argued, actually.

KELLI:  You argued with God?

MATTHEW:  Well, it mostly just me ... yelling.

KELLI:  Oh my God. You were yelling in a church?

MATTHEW: I had a lot on my mind.

KELLI: This is insane.

MATTHEW:  That's exactly what they said. A few hours ago, I watched the sun
set over the Castle, walked across the Charles Bridge in the moonlight. It was wonderful. And now I only have one thing left.

KELLI:  Which is what?

MATTHEW: You. I never had a beautiful woman tell me she loves me. I actually tried to get a woman here to say it, but things got complicated ... you know, that whole language barrier, currency exchange rates and so forth.

KELLI:  What the hell? This is crazy!

MATTHEW:  No. It's actually pretty well thought out.

KELLI:  So, when your plan is complete ... what happens? You turn into a
pumpkin or something?

MATTHEW:  Nope. I'm done.

KELLI:  Done with what?

MATTHEW:  Done. Just done. The end. Game over.

KELLI (upset): You're scaring me. Maybe you need to
talk to somebody.

MATTHEW: I am ... I'm talking to you.

KELLI:  I mean a counselor or something.
MATTHEW: Look, Are you gonna say it or not?

KELLI: Matthew ...

MATTHEW:  Look, I don't have time. It's two minutes to midnight.

Kelli starts to cry.

KELLI:  Matthew ...

MATTHEW: Goodbye Kelli.

KELLI:  Please! Matthew. Stop! Let's talk more!

MATTHEW:  I'm outta time.

KELLI:  Matthew ... I love you.

We heard a GUNSHOT, followed by distant screams.

The phone goes dead, and Kelli falls to the floor sobbing.



Thank you for reading. If you enjoy my writing, please check out My Immortal on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My Immortal The Vampires of Berlin
By Lee Rudnicki

Genre:  Horror
Publisher:  23 House
Date of Publication:  March 9, 2012

ISBN-10: 0984645810
ISBN-13: 978-0984645817

Number of pages: 306
Word Count:  56,000

Purchase Links:


Blurb/Book Description: 

A supernatural adventure set in present day and 1945 Berlin. Our heroine is Eva, a shell-shocked young vampire who is found wandering around in the ruins of Berlin Cathedral on the last day of the war by soldiers.

Author Bio:

Lee Rudnicki is an entertainment lawyer, producer, and writer in Los Angeles. Lee has a law degree from the University of San Francisco, a music degree from San Jose State, a Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA and studied international law at Trinity College, Ireland and Charles University, Prague. Before law school, Lee was a world-class rudimental drummer and drum corps instructor.

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