Friday, August 03, 2012

Painting with Words Guest Blog by Pandora Richardson

Painting with words

I’ve reflected a lot over the past few weeks about my goals as a writer. For some, it’s fortune, notoriety, or celebrity. For me, I’ve realized it’s to paint good pictures. It may seem that I have my medium confused, but writing for me is very similar to the time I spent as a fine artist. I spent most of my childhood and teens sketching, practicing, and honing my craft, never once having grand illusions that I would be the next Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Degas, or Picasso. I just wanted to paint good pictures. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t. I won many awards and art contests in my youth, had tons of praise heaped on me for this or that painting or sketch, and even as I accepted the plaques, certificates, or prizes, I remember thinking, but was it good enough?

Now that I have hung up my paintbrushes, put my acrylics in storage, and laminated what survives of some of my favorite sketches, a new challenge emerges. I had convinced myself that my time as an artist was over. I would never again paint a still life or watercolor. But this was before I realized that as a writer, I am still an artist. I may not use charcoal or oils to bring a scene to life on paper, but my type written word does. I’m an artist painting in a new medium and find myself wondering the same things that I have so many years ago. I’ll never be the next Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, or other exceptional modern day literary giant, and I have no grand illusions of being a NYT Best-Selling author (although that would be perfectly fine with me). My only goal is to paint good pictures.

I want to be able to invoke in my readers the same responses that viewers of my paintings used to have. I delighted in the joy, the critique, and the embrace of that which I had created and I still do. Ultimately, why continue to write if I can’t share my visions with the world in a way that makes theirs a little brighter? I won’t please everybody, some of my reviews bare witness to that, but the characters, places, and themes I bring into the world through writing is a joy comparable to painting and one that I endeavor to continue as long as my readers demand.

In the end however, I see myself as I did then. As I’m praised for this or that character, scene, or tale…I still find myself thinking, but is it good enough? Like the age-old question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Will my novels ever be good enough? The world may never know. Or maybe they will, I surely won’t.

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By Pandora Richardson
Amelia Jones Private Detective Series, Book 1

Genre: Mystery, Paranormal
ASIN: B00802VL80

Number of pages: 172
Word Count: 61,000

Book Description:

Amelia Jones finds her world turned upside down after meeting a wealthy client who needs evidence of her husband’s infidelity. Even though Amelia's offered a lot of money to go undercover in order to catch him, the situation is more than she can handle and unlike anything the young, virginal detective has ever experienced. Deep down Amelia knows that she should not accept the case, but the allure of money is too hard to resist. Distracted by a series of mysterious events and delicious eye candy, Amelia is lost with choices that threaten to reveal secrets that should remain hidden.

Author Bio:

Pandora Richardson grew up in Northern New Jersey with a pen and a pad stuck in her hand. Throughout her childhood she was either writing the next great American Novel or painting the next Mona Lisa. She always imagined that she would be famous as a writer, an artist, or both. However, life eventually got in the way of her dreams and Pandora found herself working as a consultant in Washington, DC where she now resides with her canine familiar, Loki. The past several years have found Pandora once again committed to writing, this time with her fingers glued to a keyboard. When she’s not creating the next bestseller or engaged in the thrilling misadventures of the Rat Race, Pandora loves to curl up on her sofa reading the next Vampire, Shape-shifter, Wizard, Zombie or Romance novel from one of her favorite authors.

Twitter: @authorpandora

Facebook: authorpandorarichardson

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