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Interview with Boone Brux

Do you write in different genres?

Yes, I tackle a lot of different genres. The Bringer and the Bane series is fantasy romance. I’ve written erotic romance and contemporary romance. In January I have a contemporary paranormal romance coming out, along with a humorous paranormal that doesn’t really have much romance in it.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

My favorite is paranormal humor. Is that even a genre? I think I just made that up. I love to write the lighter, funnier stuff. My Bringer series has several intricately woven plots and intrigue, not to mention reoccurring characters. It’s way more work, but I still love it.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

Shield of Fire had originally been name Resurrection. We decided to change the title and since it’s a five book series, I needed the titles to flow with each other. I settled on Shield of Fire, Kiss of the Betrayer, Chain of Illusions, Echoes of Ice, and Throne of Bones. They all have an ‘of’ in the middle. It’s not rocket science, but it works.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

I always title my book first. It may change, but for me I need a title to refer to when brainstorming or explaining the storyline. My Entangled Covet coming out in January was originally titled Forget Me Not. I didn’t love that title. Then I bought a Groupon to a salon called Suddenly Beautiful, and it was like a light bulb turning on. The title was perfect for the demi-goddess based story that takes place in a cosmetic company. It’s one of my favorite titles to date.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

No message, but I do like to write strong heroines. I struggle a lot to make sure my female characters aren’t too stupid to live. Everybody makes mistakes in life, but I can’t write heroines who are too dumb to find their way out of a paper bag with scissors and a map.

 What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

To Catch Her Death. It’s about a thirty-five year old, widowed mother of three that finds out she’s a grim reaper. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska and is paired up with a hunky reaper named Nate. He reaps violent criminals while she reaps stupid people. There is an abundance of stupid ways to die on the Internet, so I’m fortunate as far as research goes.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Sure, this is a scene from Kiss of the Betrayer. The heroine just tried to kill the hero in order to keep her sister from losing her humanity and becoming a Bane Demon completely. Big mistake.

Now that Jade had tried to kill Luc, doubts plagued her. She’d never stopped to consider what it meant to take another person’s life, never thought about the cost to her own soul. It had always been: It had to be done. Luc had to pay for his betrayal.
Rell thirsted for vengeance. With each cruel deed she seemed bent on performing, Jade volunteered in her place, hoping to slow her sister’s descent into the world of the Bane. For so long she’d fought to keep Rell rooted to humanity, but never once noticed her own slipping away.
A twig snapped, jolting Jade from her thoughts. She crouched and searched the forest. Nothing moved in the murky grayness. A shiver ran across her skin, the woods’ coolness suddenly feeling a lot less welcoming. Maybe the follower was Rell, or a deer. Jade didn’t dare call out in case someone or something else stalked her. Other creatures lurked in the forest, none of which she wished to encounter. She cursed herself for not keeping the knife she had used to stab Luc. Now her inability to stomach its feel seemed idiotic.
Another twig snapped. She spun and ran in the opposite direction. Footsteps thundered after her, closing fast. She broke through the trees and was halfway across the clearing when someone hit her full force, taking her to the ground. The breath burst from her body from the weight of the person landing on top of her. It took only a second to realize who the attacker was.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

There are so many jobs that need to be done besides writing the book. It’s tough to balance out promotion, editing, plotting, building a website, and keeping everything updated. I can’t tell you how many accounts at different sites I registered with that I haven’t visited since the first day. Don’t even get me started about trying to clear out my email folders. This is a never ending process and one I will probably never tackle.

 Who designed the cover of your latest book?

Oh, this is one of my favorite questions. Heather Howland from Entangled Publishing does all my Bringer and the Bane covers. She does such an amazing job. Wow, the cover she did for Kiss of the Betrayer makes my thighs sweat. That is one pretty boy.

I commissioned my cover for To Catch Her Death from an artist named Jennifer Meyer. She does amazing work and delivered such a fantastic reaper cover. She’s agreed to do my young adult reaper cover too. Yay!

I haven’t seen the cover for Suddenly Beautiful yet. I’ve been told there will be luscious abs. How can you go wrong with that?

Kiss of the Betrayer
Bringer and the Bane Book Two
Boone Brux

Genre: Fantasy Romance          
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

ISBN: Print: 1620610353
E-book - 978-1620610350
Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 100,000

Amazon     B  N

Book Description:

For fifteen years Luc Le Daun has blamed himself for the death of the woman he loved. His secret guilt has led him into a life of danger, risking all and committing to none.

Killing Luc Le Daun has been all Jade Kendell has thought about for years. But when her plan goes awry and she's brought into the Bringers' fold, her own dark secret threatens to be revealed. Desire for a better life wars with a promise made long before she understood the ramifications.

In a deadly mission, Jade and Luc embark on a journey into the Shadow World. As they attempt the impossible, ignoring the attraction growing between them becomes harder to deny. The slightest misstep could mean the loss of their souls and give the Demon King exactly what he needs to open the Abyss of Souls and annihilate the Bringers.

About the Author:

As a multi-published and an award winning author, Boone's writing drips with experiences from real life. Addicted to anything that might make a good story, she weaves tales that range from dark fantasy to humorous romance. Settled in the icy regions of Alaska with the love of her life and twin daughters, it's not uncommon to find her tapping away on her iPad on a windy beach or the barren tundra. Be warned, anyone and every even is fodder for one of Boone's novels.