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Kaitlyn Davis Introduces us to the Midnight Fire Series- and a Giveaway

I'm Kaitlyn Davis, the author of the Midnight Fire Series—a whirlwind paranormal adventure with heart-pumping action and heart-stopping romance—and this blog tour is celebrating the release of Scorch, the final book in the series! Thank you for joining me!

One of my favorite aspects of ending this series is that my main character, Kira, finally has to choose between the two leading men—Tristan and Luke! The suspense is killing some of my readers :) And for a while, it was killing me too! So, instead of talking about Scorch, I thought I would take everyone back to the beginning—back to Ignite, the first book in my series (free wherever ebooks are sold!).

This is the third of six guest posts that will turn the attention on both Tristan and Luke as they get to tell their side of the story! We'll be revisiting a few important scenes from the first chapters of Ignite, but this time it won’t be Kira who does the talking…

Next up? Kira learns how to surf…and all hell breaks loose! It starts out as fun in the sun learning a new sport, but when Kira sees Tristan cracking jokes at her many spills, she's determined to prove him wrong. So she paddles out to the deeper waves and gets in over her head, literally. Kira wipes out hard, and Tristan is the only one around who can save her. But will he? Turns out that for Tristan, the jokes were just a cover up—a charade. And…well, you'll see :)


As told by Tristan…

She's actually pretty good, Tristan thought as he eased back on his surfboard. He was trying to ignore Kira, he really was, but she was just so damn amusing. Her defiant attitude had wiggled its way into charming him, but this was the last time.
The beach was free territory, he reminded himself, and it had been Diana's idea to come. But still… he would have showed up without his friends.
Tristan loosened the grip on his board. If this was the last time he would allow himself to see Kira, then he was going to get his fill.
And, conveniently enough, she was paddling right this way—determinately not looking at him.
Like he said, adorably defiant.
A grin pulled at his lips, and even as he tried to stifle it, one corner of his mouth perked up.
A set pulled closer, waves Tristan was itching to ride, but he stayed still, waiting to see what she did. And sure enough, Kira turned, angling her board. The smile tugged wider—she was going to wipe out. Tristan knew it. The wave was too big for every part of her except her ego.
Crossing his arms, Tristan watched. Kira's head perked up over the crest of the wave…and promptly disappeared into the blue water below.
Knew it, he thought, slightly smug.
But after a few seconds, Kira didn’t surface.
He sat up, brows furrowing, but still he didn't see her head anywhere along the edge of the water.
Another wave crashed.
No Kira. 
And another.
Not thinking, Tristan dove. Powerful strokes, enhanced with his supernatural strength, pulled him under the water. The cord strapped to his ankle broke—his surfboard lost to the sea. But he didn't care, because drifting through the water was a thin stream of blood, blood that smelled distinctly like the sun.
He paddled harder, until his feet skimmed the sand. And then he saw her, floating lifeless, a hazy shadow surrounded by blue.
His arms encased her, cradling her gently as he ran toward the surf, digging his feet into the sand. They emerged, faster than any human could, but he didn’t care what it looked like.
Kira wasn't breathing.
Urgency pressed him on.
He tried forcing air into her lungs, tried pumping on her chest, but nothing.
"Kira, come on," he prodded. It wasn't working. Something about the air in his lungs wasn't right, wasn't human enough to make a difference.
"Kira, wake up."
Finally, in a last ditch effort, Tristan slapped her cheek, hoping to shock her senses alert. 
Kira's eyes shot open and her chest constricted.
Tristan flipped her over, hearing the liquid slush in her lungs. He rubbed her back while she coughed, spitting up half of the ocean. But then her eyes started to slip closed again…
"Kira!" Tristan slapped her gently. Annoying her seemed to be the only way to keep her alive… and he was happy to oblige. "You have to stay awake."
One lid slid open, revealing her fiery eyes. A warmth stirred in his chest. "Tristan?" Kira sighed, unconsciously smiling with the words.
The ice in his veins melted.
Tristan mentally shook himself.
"Hello," he said, grinning despite himself.
"What happened?"
"You were being stupid."
The words rolled out before he could process them. His thoughts were spinning on overdrive, something he hadn’t experience since being a human. It was nice to feel out of control in a strange way—nice to feel giddy.
He tried not to laugh, tried to regain focus. But her eyes narrowed as her memory came back.
"Only because you were being an ass," she drawled.
A laugh slipped out.
"Come on," Tristan said, stopping the banter before he forgot who he was—what he was. What she was. "Try to sit up."
He slid an arm around her back, easing her up into a seated position. Her eyes slid to his torso, his bicep, his lips.
Tristan swallowed and looked away, at the sand, the nice boring sand.
"Ow." Kira mumbled, putting a hand to her wound.
"Yeah, your board got you pretty bad." He told her, trying to help fill in the blanks.
Kira looked at him blandly, "I know." Sarcasm dripped from her words. Defiant as always, until suddenly, "Crap! I'm bleeding."
Tristan eyes flew to the cut on her head. He hadn’t even smelled it. Odd.
He studied it, now unable to look away, and leaned closer. His nose pushed him forward, drawn in by the smell of her blood—it practically sang with power.
Fangs dug painfully into his lips. He tried to force them back.
"Tristan, tell it to me straight. How bad is it?"
He jerked, silently thankful for the distraction, and forced his eyes back to the beach, closing off his senses as much as possible.
"It's nothing. You'll be fine. Might need a few stitches." His words were short, tense, as he tried to regain control. He lifted Kira easily, taking her off his lap and sitting her down next to him on the sand, gaining some much needed distance.
"Thanks," she said softly, insecure, "for helping me, I mean."
Tristan met her eyes, fighting the equal amounts of hunger and passion stirring in his chest. Losing the battle, he turned and grabbed an unguarded towel. After a momentary debate, Tristan put it against her head, muffling the smell of her blood. It helped clear his thoughts.
Cleared them just enough for another smell to leak in.
A conduit smell.
A very angry conduit smell.
Tristan looked up just in time to see Luke running across the sand.

Midnight Fire Series Book One
Kaitlyn Davis

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781465852366

Number of pages: about 200-250 pages
Word Count: Roughly 65,000

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Book Description:

"With one last look, one final search of the lines of his face for some sign, Kira turned and ran away from the sound of the man she loved laughing in the face of her death."

When Kira Dawson moves to South Carolina, she meets Luke, a blond goofball who quickly becomes her best friend, and Tristan, a mysterious bad boy who sends shivers down her spine. Kira knows they're keeping secrets, but when she discovers Tristan's lust for blood and her own dormant mystical powers, Kira is forced to fight for her life and make the heartbreaking decision between the familiar comfort of friendship and the fiery passion of love.

Ignite is the first book in the Midnight Fire Series. It is approximately 65,000 words.

Midnight Fire Series Book Two
Kaitlyn Davis

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781476284392

Number of pages: about 200-250 pages
Word Count: Roughly 65,000

Book Description:

"Slowly, like a whisper almost blown away in the wind, two words streaked across her mind: 'Kiss me.'"

Kira may have survived the eclipse, but her troubles are far from over. She's headed to Sonnyville with one goal in mind: to learn more about her parents. But with Luke and Tristan competing for her heart and Diana gunning for her head, time is running out on the search for her mother. And the closer Kira gets to answers, the more terrified she becomes. The conduits fear her, the vampires fear her, and Kira is starting to wonder if maybe they're right...

Simmer is the second book in the thrilling Midnight Fire Series. It is approximately 65,000 words.

Midnight Fire Series Book Three
Kaitlyn Davis

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781301583027

Number of pages: about 200-250 pages
Word Count: Roughly 65,000

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Book Description:

“Kira gulped, unable to stop the growing sense that everything in her world was about to change.”

With Aldrich’s note burning a hole in her pocket, Kira is off to England to finally reunite with her birth mother. But what begins as a dream quickly turns to a nightmare and Kira is left questioning everything she has ever known. Can she be the conduit Luke wants her to be? Can she be the rebel Tristan needs her to be? Or is she something else? Something no one, not even Aldrich, ever saw coming…

Blaze is the third book in the thrilling Midnight Fire Series. It is approximately 65,000 words.

Midnight Fire Series Book Four
Kaitlyn Davis

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Number of pages: about 200-250 pages
Word Count: Roughly 65,000

“All it did was remind Kira that time was running out. That she needed to choose. Or a lot more than a forest would burn. The whole world would crumble."

Aldrich escaped…again. Tristan forgot…everything. And Luke, well, Luke was getting more than a little impatient. But those were the least of Kira’s concerns, because something else happened in England—something she was trying desperately to forget. A wedge of evil had lodged itself in her heart, a little black hole had nestled into her flames, and it wasn’t going away—not anytime soon…and maybe not ever.

Scorch is the fourth and final book in the thrilling Midnight Fire Series. It is approximately 65,000 words.

About the Author:

Kaitlyn Davis graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in Writing Seminars. She's been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to finally share her work with the world. She currently lives in New York City and dreams of having a cockapoo puppy of her own.

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