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What Do You Love Most About a Cowboy? By Lisa Mondello

What Do You Love Most About a Cowboy? 
By Lisa Mondello

It’s no stretch that cowboy romances are as hot, hot, hot as the cowboy heroes that grace the covers of the books.  But aside from a hot hero, what is it about cowboy romances that attract readers?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say that for me it’s cowboy code.  The cowboy romances I read all have heroes that are true to family, true to their ranch and the land, and true to their woman.  They don’t have to be the CEO of a big company to be commanding.  They can be as gentle as a kitten while dealing with a sick or scared horse or holding the love of his life. 

Most all of the cowboy romances I’ve enjoyed (and trust me, I’ve read hundreds without tiring!) have a hero that has deep roots in his community and family.  Even those nomadic rodeo cowboys have a deep love of family and where they came from.  Without that, how could they have survived loneliness and being wounded on the road all alone.  Okay, I know a lot of rodeo cowboys find romance on the road.  But that’s only until he’s found that one special woman who makes him want to stop roaming, or come down from the mountains and think about settling down.

In LOVE ME SOME COWBOY we have 5 sexy romance cowboys all in different situations.  But there is something about all of them that tug at the heart.  (LOVE ME SOME COWBOY is available for just 99 cents!  So make sure you pick up a copy today!)

What is it about cowboy romances that attract you?  What’s your favorite cowboy romance?  I have a ton.  I love Montana Sky by Nora Roberts.  I love, love, love The Last True Cowboy by Kathleen Eagle.  But there are so very many more.  Let’s share.

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Love Me Some Cowboy
Lisa Mondello, Jean Brashear, Day LeClaire, Ginger Chambers, Barbara McMahon

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-939925-03-9

Book Description:

Who can resist a tough, rugged cowboy?  Not these feisty, determined women! 

Five full-length novels at a steal of a price!

In Nothing But Trouble by USAToday Bestselling Author Lisa Mondello, city girl Melanie Summers must spend an  entire month alone in the Wyoming wilderness with sexy rodeo cowboy, Stoney Buxton, without getting into trouble.  Possible?   Not a chance in the world! 

USAToday Bestselling Author Jean Brashear adds Lone Star flavor with Texas Secrets.  Boone Gallagher returns to the only home he's ever known only to find it's been willed to a sexy stranger who's intent on leaving.  He must keep her there for thirty days or it will be lost to them both. 

Love romantic reunion stories?  Then much-loved Harlequin author Barbara McMahon has the perfect book for you!  Crazy About a Cowboy brings you Sam and Lisa Haller, who divorced for all the wrong reasons.  Now Sam wants his ex-wife back for all the right ones. 

Once Upon a Cowboy by Day Leclaire, author of the wildly popular Dante's Legacy series, introduces Cami, a lovable, greenhorn spitfire determined to become a cowboy, despite the objections of her sexy rancher boss. 

And last, but far from least, beloved Dell and Harlequin author Ginger Chambers offers a heartwarming treat with Love, Texas, in which Cassie Edwards returns to the hometown she'd forsaken to negotiate the sale of land belonging to the Taylor family. Hard-working rancher Will Taylor, once her girlhood crush, is all man now and fighting hard to save his heritage. When attraction flares, will true love triumph?

 What Readers Are Saying About These Authors:

"Emotional depth and situations that tore at my heart. This is exactly what I want from a romance." (about Ginger Chambers, Love, Texas)

"I can never get enough of Day Leclaire's novels. It's all about the characters, and these are especially lovable, funny, and heartwarming ... not to mention sexy. I really identified with Cami's act-first, think-later personality. Adorable!" (about Day Leclaire, Once Upon a Cowboy)

"A great story about second chances at love. A hunky cowboy and a feisty cowgirl and a cute little boy to round off this romance." (about Barbara McMahon, Crazy About a Cowboy)

"I really enjoyed this, er, literary foreplay. I knew that when these two finally made love, they wouldn't just be going through the motions—there were going to be some fireworks....Jean Brashear is a terrific discovery for me." (about Jean Brashear, Texas Secrets)

" Loved this book so much I didn't put it down till I was finished. Highly recommended for a very good read. “ (about Lisa Mondello, Nothing But Trouble)



Lisa Mondello said...

Thank you for having me here today, Roxanne!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I love Montana Sky too- Nora Roberts is amazing.