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Interview- Dangerous Pursuit by Margaret Daley

What inspired you to become an author?

I love to read and make up stories in my head. One day I decided to try writing one of those stories. That was the beginning of me becoming a writer.

Do you write in different genres?

I have written over my thirty-four years of writing in several genres: contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, inspirational contemporary romance, inspirational romantic suspense and inspiration historical romance.

If yes, which is your favorite genre to write?

I love, love romantic suspense to read and write.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

I wait to title it at the end after I have a firm idea of the story and the characters.

Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life?

Every book I write has a little bit of me in them as well as events and people in my life.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

James Rollins and my favorite of his books is Amazonia. A great read.

What book are you reading now?

James Rollins newest book—The Eye of God: A Sigma Force Novel

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I recently put out the second book in The Protectors series call Dangerous Interlude. I'm currently working on the third book in the series, Dangerous Paradise.

Who designed the cover of your latest book?

Laura Maria Altom

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

          When Samantha entered the lobby she spied Brock, reclining against a white pillar, his arms and legs loosely crossed as he watched people entering and leaving the hotel. His stance looked casual, but for some reason Samantha felt there wasn’t anything casual about him.
          Even in white pants and shirt she could tell his body was muscular and well-conditioned. If it weren’t for his gray eyes, a startling combination against his dark features, he could easily have been mistaken for a Latin American because of his tanned skin and black hair.
          Samantha realized she only knew his name. Beyond that, all she knew was that he spoke fluent Portuguese. Usually she was very cautious, especially where men were concerned, but she had no one else to turn to. She knew no one in this country and she realized she needed help if she was going to find her brother.
          He looked her way. Their gazes caught and held. Brock unfolded his arms and legs and eased away from the pillar. Striding toward her, he kept his eyes fastened to hers. She felt the heat of his probing assessment, and suddenly she wondered if she were plunging into something that was way out of her league.
          When they were a few feet apart, Brock’s gaze swept down her body, pausing for the briefest moment at her small waist. If any other man had looked at her so thoroughly, she would have instantly been on guard. But ever since this journey began, nothing had been the same. Samantha felt like a different person, which at times was even more confusing than her brother’s disappearance.
          “You can do a lot in an hour’s time,” Brock said in his southwestern drawl.
          “I feel like a new woman,” Samantha replied, meaning it on more than one level.
          “We don’t want to eat here. I know a little restaurant a few blocks away that has good food and reasonable prices.”
          “That sounds like my kind of place.”
          Brock touched her elbow to lead the way and once again she felt tingles streaking up her arm. Her instant physical response to him was unnerving. Would it always be like this, the slightest touch triggering off a chain reaction in her body? What was she thinking? After today, they would part ways.
          Samantha no longer had to wonder if she were plunging into something out of her league; she felt it deep within her, and knew she would do nothing to stop this exciting journey into the unknown.
          At the restaurant Brock asked for a table in the corner that afforded them a view of the rest of the room. After assisting her into a chair, he sat with his back to the wall next to her, much too close for her peace of mind.
          Samantha allowed him to order for her, since she couldn’t read the menu. Besides, she didn’t think she would eat a bite when the food did arrive. Her stomach was twisted into a huge knot. She told herself it was because of her brother, but in her heart she knew this man next to her was the real cause.
          After the waitress left, Brock reclined in his chair and studied Samantha a moment under lowered lashes. “You’re here because your brother is missing?”
          “Yes.” Her throat was so dry that her answer came out in a whisper.
          “For how long?”
          “A week.”
          “Lady, that isn’t long in this town. People often disappear into the jungle for much longer.”
          His piercing gray eyes seemed to penetrate, trying to read her mind. She looked away and wished the waitress would return with her drink. “There’s more to it than just that.”
          She peered back at him and wondered how much she should tell this man. She needed someone to help her; she couldn’t find Mark alone. Was Brock Slader that someone?
          His eyes gentled. “Maybe talking about it will help.”
          She drew in a deep breath and said, “Mark called me last week. He said he was in trouble and needed money to get out of here. I wired him the money, but he never picked it up.” Her voice caught, and she swallowed several times. “Someone was after him and I’m afraid…"She couldn’t voice aloud that her brother might be dead.
          He leaned forward, covering her small hand with his large one. “Maybe he’s in hiding. There are a lot of places a person can get lost around here.”
          “I’m praying that’s it, but I have to know. He’s my only family.”
          His hand tightened about hers, and they both glanced down at their clasped hands as if they finally realized they were touching. Brock slowly withdrew his hand and sat back in his chair.
          “Why is your brother in trouble? Who’s after him?”
          “I don’t know, which makes it even worse. He didn’t have time to tell me.” Or he didn’t want to tell her.
          After the waitress brought their lunches, a baked pirarucu dish, Brock asked, “How are you going to try to locate your brother? You’re at a disadvantage.”
          Disadvantage was putting it mildly. She was at a loss. But she had to try. “I realize I don’t speak the language, and I’m unfamiliar with this city, but—”
          “That’s not all,” he said before she could finish. “This city is on the fringe of the jungle, a hostile, primitive environment that isn’t too kind to people, especially novices—whether they’re male or female, by the way. The jungle doesn’t make a distinction between the sexes. You have no business being here. If your brother can’t take care of himself, then how do you expect to take care of him?”
          She stared down at her plate, knowing everything he said was true. When her gaze touched his again, she whispered, “With your help?”
          Disbelief flickered into his eyes. “My help? You don’t even know me, lady.”
          “I don’t know anyone here.”
          “My job isn’t to rescue damsels in distress. I can’t help you.”
          Gripping her fork and knife in her hands, Samantha leaned toward him, her expression intense. “I’m not in distress. It’s my brother who needs help.”
          “Are you ready to do battle with those?” Brock’s amused gaze flicked to the utensils in her hands then back to her face.
          She glanced down and laughed. “No. I was about to try the fish and got caught up in the moment.”
          He smiled, first with his eyes and then his mouth. “Are you always this fervent?”
          “No.” But that was another aspect of her that seemed to be changing.
          “Just about your brother. You must love him a lot.”
          “Do you have any family, Mr. Slader?”
          “A father and a sister.”
          “Then maybe you can understand how important this is to me.”
          “I’m not a guide, and I’m certainly no detective.” His eyebrows slashed.
          “I just need someone who knows the language and the city for a few days. I’ll pay you for your services.”
          He didn’t say anything.
          “Do you have something better to do?" She quickly calculated her limit cash reserves. "A hundred dollars a day.”
          “I’m free for the rest of the day. But beyond that I can’t guarantee my services.”
          “What are you doing in Manaus?”
          “It’s not important.” He began to eat, dismissing the subject. “This is good. You’ll need your energy if we’re going to walk the streets, so to speak.”
          She watched him eat for a few minutes and realized that by not answering her he had intrigued her even more. Why was he in the Amazon? Why was it a secret?
          “Lesson number one, Miss Prince: You’ll need every ounce of strength you can get in the Amazon. Dieting has no place in the jungle.”
          She started to eat, forcing down half the delicious fish before she gave up and just finished her fruit drink. When she was nervous, she could never eat.
          After he was through with his lunch, Brock sipped his thick, sweet coffee and asked, “Where does your search begin?”
          “At the bank where I wired the money, then the police.”
          “The bank is a waste of time. If he didn’t pick it up, he didn’t pick it up. We’ll go to the police first.” He handed her the check.
          For a few seconds she stared at the bill, then at him. She was so used to the men she knew and dated paying the bill that it took a moment for her to realize she was to pay. But then, this certainly wasn’t a date—and Brock Slader was nothing like the men she was used to seeing.
          “This was your treat?” His dark eyebrows hiked up.
          She took the tab and laid the money to cover it on the table.

          Once outside the restaurant, Brock halted her progress with a hand on her arm. He turned her to face him. “Before we go to the police, are you prepared for the worst?”

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Dangerous Pursuit
The Protectors
Book One
Margaret Daley

Genre: romantic suspense

ISBN: 9781301248940
BN ID: 2940148824664

Number of pages: 172
Word Count: 59,000 words

Cover Artist: Laura Marie Altom

Book Description:

Reading about danger never prepared Samantha Prince for the desperate phone call from her brother in Brazil that sent her from the safety of her New Orleans bookstore into the rugged, inhospitable Amazon in search of him and a hidden treasure. And reading about romance never prepared Samantha to resist the mysterious appeal of Brock Slader, a guide she hired to help her in her quest.

Alone with Brock in an alien world of orchids and anacondas, primitive headhunters and very up-to-date gunmen, she struggles to keep their relationship strictly business. Will Samantha survive the dangers in the jungle only to have her heart broken by a man who lives on the edge—no strings attached?

About the Author:

Margaret Daley, an award-winning author of eighty-four books, has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love.

When she isn’t traveling, she’s writing love stories, often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household.

To find out more about Margaret visit her website at