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WHAT LURES US TO VAMPIRES: Vampires: Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Tasty Stories

Bertena Varney
An Excerpt
Vampire, vampyre, nosferatu, dhamphir, bloodsucker, romantic boyfriends, sexy bad monsters, fallen angels, soulless demons - these have all been characters in vampires stories throughout the centuries.
As time has gone by there have been many debates as to whether each of the descriptions above are “true vampires”. By looking at the vampire, one will see that it is a very complicated creature and really can’t be labeled as one thing or another but as a creature that is right for each reader, fan or vampire lover.
For example, some vampires drink human blood while others drink the life force of their prey but they are both vampires. Other vampires are described as hideous and monstrous creatures that are very primal in nature. These vampires don’t apologize for who they are nor do they try to be human other than survival when necessary.
But, the more popular today seems to the sexy vampires that do not embrace their vampire side but turns to what is left of their humanity. They brood about being a vampire, they fight their true nature and they even go so far as to try and turn into a human again.
But, either way there are multitudes of vampires and vampire fans. But, the main questions aren’t what is a vampire but why are we so attracted to the vampire?
The Lure of the Early Female Vampire
If we take a look back at the first mention of vampires in mythology, one will notice that many were female rather than males. Lilith was from the Hebrew Talmud and told the story of the first wife of Adam who would not be submissive to men. Thus many readers love stories that stem from her and the empowerment of women in society.
Lamia was Greek and the secret lover of Zeus, who like many other of his lovers was found out by his wife Hera. Out of vengeance, Hera killed all of Lamia’s babies and in turn, Lamia attacked the children of the followers of Hera. Her stories were retold to explain sudden infant death syndrome and many times she is used as mother figure in stories.
In Malaysia, Pennangallan or Penny as she is known by many is another female vampire that is attributed to the death of children. Penny would detach her fanged body and would fly around with her disemboweled body glistening in the moonlight. She would search for pregnant women to drink from thus explaining miscarriages or still born deaths. This is rumored to be where Stephanie Meyer got her idea of a sparking vampire.
But, Female vampires were to explain “female issues” that in many cultures were banished or not discussed in the presence of men. There was also the lack of medical advances that would explain the deaths of children and pregnant mothers. Thus the duality of the good and bad impression of the roles of women in society is why some vampire readers are lured to this type of vampire.
The Lure of the Revenant Vampire
As time when on the vampire became a symbol of death, disease, and fear, the revenant vampire became the most popular in mythological tales in small villages. These vampires were more zombie like than any other. They could not speak, think or really do anything but feed. These monsters were the ones that villagers would tell stories of to explain unexplained death and the spread of disease. They would open caskets and see that the person’s hair and nails have grown as well as the blood and body fluids that had leaked from their bodies.
The lure of this vampire to readers is the pure animalistic monster that represents our primal need of feeding. There is no personality; there is no hatred; there is no emotion at all. Those that like reading about these vampires are the same that lie zombie movies. It’s the thrill of the killing of these monsters and being in survival mode.

Vampires: Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Tasty Stories
Scarlette D’Noire, Karen Dales, Kurt Kamm, Bertena Varney,
Elita Daniels, Carole Gill, Audrey A’Cladh, BellaDonna Drakul, Sherri Jordan-Asble, Charles E. Butler, Carole Gill, Fiona Skye, Laura Enright, Janiera Eldridge, Cinsearae S, and Terri Reid

Genre: paranormal romance/horror

Publisher: Indie Publishing House

Date of Publication: Oct. 16th 2013

ISBN: 978-1-940871-00-4

Number of pages: 236
Word Count: 67,588

Cover Artist: Patti Roberts at Paradox

Book Description:

Vampires! Sixteen authors give you a glimpse into the dark worlds of lost love, murderous rage, and undeniable sex appeal where deadly quests and blood lust spanning centuries of time reign supreme. Explore some of the most unique vampires to exist on this side of the grave.

Essays, excerpts, and short stories from award winning authors Karen Dales, Kurt Kamm, Bertena Varney and more. They will entertain you, thrill you, and bewilder you as they reveal the dark secrets of the most beloved creatures of the night, including eleven times bestselling author Terri Reid, creator of the Mary O’Reilly Series.

So, which will it be: the romantic vampire, the revenant vampire, the elemental, the fanged vampire, or the mythological female vampire?  Begin reading and find out!

About the Author:

Originally from Chicago Scarlette D’Noire is an American author currently residing in Florida with her husband and two furry children.

A lover of all things vampire, Scarlette has published two books, Vampires Romance to Rippers Series an Anthology of Tasty Stories, and Vampires Romance to Rippers Series an Anthology of Risqué Stories with several outstanding authors.  She is currently writing two books in the Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations, collections: Nicolai's Fate and Delano’s Undoing. Scarlette D’Noire is a nom de plume used to protect the true identity of the author so she may bring Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations to light without consequences.

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About the Author:

Bertena Varney is a college sociology professor whose love for the supernatural overflows into both her professional and personal life. She is the author of Lure of the Vampire: A Pop Culture Reference Book, Lure Revamped and co-creator and collaborator for Vampire News: Tasty Bits You Can Sink your Fangs Into, Vampire News: The Not So End Times Edition and Vampire News 2013- yet to be titled.
She holds Master’s Degrees in Sociology/Criminology and Social Science/Education and is currently working on a Masters in Adult Education/ Community College.  She lives in KY loves to spend her time travelling. More can be found at

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