Sunday, January 05, 2014

La Mamma Verde Talks Green Sex Toys

Sex is a big part of our lives and with an estimated 43% of Americans using sex toys it is important that what we use is safe and healthy. Consumers need to fight the government for safety regulations concerning sexual aides.

Many companies in the sex toy industry are listening to what people want- safe, eco-friendly and healthy products but the government still doesn’t care about creating regulations and health standards for the sex toy industry, they would rather ignore it and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Sex is a fact of life and in today’s modern world we need to stop being embarrassed and stand up for our sexual freedom and our right to safe products.

Green sex toys allow us to have fun and experience a great sense of pleasure while being safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible.

It is time to give your sex toy box a green makeover. Here are some of the materials to stay away from and a selection of sex toy materials that make super sustainable and sexy toys.

The Dangers of PVC and Phthalates in Sex Toys

PVC and other plastics are often filled with phthalates- a nasty chemical used to soften the plastic and make it flexible. Phthalates have been shown to alter hormone levels, create damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system, and cause birth defects. In a study conducted by Greenpeace Netherlands 7 out of 8 sex toys contained some level of phthalates.

Try to avoid “novelty items”, really cheap toys, “jelly” materials, and anything that emits a strong chemical odor. Those are signs the toy is probably made from phthalate filled plastic.

Safer Sex Toys

Not all plastic or plastic like sex toys are dangerous. Safer sex toys are made from medical grade silicone, hard plastic, elastomers, Lucite and acrylic. As long as there are no added ingredients all of these materials are phthalate free.

Silicone is a popular sex toy material for those who want to be green yet still want a more traditional style sex toy. Silicone toys are non-porous, hygienic, and pliable; they warm to the body, retain heat and are also extremely durable. They clean well with plain soap and water. Silicone is hypoallergenic and recommended to anyone who is has a rubber or latex allergy.

Glass, Granite, and Ceramic Toys

High quality glass sex toys are very green. They are made with a natural resource that can easily be recycled. Just make sure you get high quality products that will not crack or break. Trusted names are Phallix, Don Wand and RubyGlass21. All are made from heavy duty, durable Pyrex glass. Earth Erotics offers high quality glass dildos made by Jentle and their own exclusive line of Earth Erotics borosilicate blown glass wands.

Ceramic sex toys are not as popular as glass but with the rising need for eco-friendly materials ceramic toys are popping up at a few places like Coco De Mere. Ceramic dildos are slick and sexy works of art that are durable, made for lasting pleasure. Atraw Ceramic dildos are made from non-toxic stoneware clay and finished with a dinnerware safe glaze. Another company that makes ceramic toys is Goldfrau in Australia.

Glass and ceramic are super fun ways to play green. Of course if you want something even harder you can opt for polished granite.

I don’t know how eco-friendly they are other than that they are made out of natural resource. They are not as popular or plentiful as glass and perhaps not as stylish as ceramic, but they might be something fun to try. So far I have found two styles: the Twist Stone Dildo and the Polished Granite in a realistic penis shape.

Wood Dildos

Nothing says natural like wood. Sensuous curves, firm, smooth, sensuous designs and wood warms to the body and retains heat for a truly exceptional erotic experience.

I know you are probably thinking that as a treehugger you should be saving trees not using them as sex toys but trees are a renewable resource especially when they are responsibly grown and managed.

Nobessence ™ brand of wooden sex toys are made from sustainably farmed wood, mostly grown on their own tree farm- Tropical American Tree Farm. If they need something a little more exotic they make sure the wood is certified.

Not only is the wood eco-friendly but they coat their products with Lubrosity, a special odorless, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and chemical and bacteria resistant coating that is safe and natural. The Lubrosity coatings meet USP Class IV and VI Medical Device Implantation Standards. There are no waxes to melt away, no oils that leach out, no toxic petroleum distillates, and no phthalates to worry about.

Nobessence ™ hardwood dildos can be used with any type of lubricant and are easily cleaned with soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Aluminum and Stainless steel are other renewable resources that can easily be recycled when you are done with them.

Stainless steel toys are sleek sexy and highly enjoyable. They are also nonporous and easy to clean. One popular brand is Njoy. Njoy sex toys are made of medical-grade stainless steel. They can be heated in warm water or cooled in the fridge. You can clean them by any means, just avoid abrasive cleansers.

Tantus Alumina sex toys are made from 100% aeronautic grade aluminum. They are designed to play with your pleasure zones. Aluminum is a lighter metal than stainless steel so it doesn't feel so heavy and is often easier to use. Each toy is anodized. This adds to the beauty of the toy and increases corrosion and wear resistance.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust and makes up about 8% of the weight of Earth's solid surface, so it is plentiful, recyclable and safe.

Recycle Your Old Sex Toys

Now that you know what materials to look for when buying a green toy you can toss out your old, not so safe or eco-friendly sex toys. But instead of tossing them in the trash you can dispose of them in an eco-manner by recycling them.

It is simple and easy to help your planet and make your sex life a shade or two greener. You can get rid of your broken, old, unused or unsafe sex toy and recycle it. Materials that recycled are rubber, silicone, plastic, and the motorized parts.

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