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Sexy on a Budget: Lingerie Alternatives By Roxanne Rhoads

Sexy on a Budget: Lingerie Alternatives
By Roxanne Rhoads

Is your sex life in need of a boost but your budget’s too tight to buy new lingerie?

You can get creative with budget friendly lingerie alternatives by breathing new life into old stuff lurking in your closets and drawers. Don’t fret about the government’s stimulus package when you can use what you already have to create all the stimulation your partner can handle.

Try these budget savvy seduction tips to give your sex life a boost without spending a dime.

What’s in Your Closet?

What ordinary items are lurking in your closet that can be transformed into extraordinary tools of seduction?

How about all those sheer tops that you prudently pair with camis and tanks? The guy in your life will love it if you decide to walk around the house in one of those sheer numbers with nothing else on; it’s what he fantasizes about every time you wear one of those tops. Give the man what he wants- you won’t be sorry.

What else is lingering in your closet waiting to be used seductively? How about those old Halloween costumes? Little Bo Peep, Harem Girl, Police Officer, Flapper? Any can be transformed with a little role playing into something totally new and extremely sexy. Put on the costume and delve into the role of seductress.

Speaking of role playing, there are all kinds of role playing costumes you can easily create out of items you probably have in your closet. Boss and secretary, librarian and bookworm, rich woman and servant, cowboy and country girl or maybe go old school and be an Indian maiden to his rough cowboy.

The possibilities are numerous depending only on your imagination and what is in your closet. Most of us have old work uniforms or strange stuff in our closets that can make some wild and funky sexual costumes. Got scrubs? Play doctor. Paging Doctor Love…Naughty Nurse in Room 69 needs assistance

Can You Sew?

Girlfriend if you can sew you are miles ahead of us non-stitchers, you can take old clothes, old lingerie, even piles of material and create your own sexy apparel. Grab your needle and thread and channel the lingerie designer inside, just tap into your inner sex goddess for a little inspiration.

Raid Your Jewelry Box

Some men swear there is nothing sexier than a woman adorned only in jewelry…and maybe a pair of high heels. Think beautiful princess, desirable maiden or anything that conjures up images of heavily jewelry adornment. Then ditch everything but the jewelry. Oh so sexy.

Remember when layers of long beads were the thing? Still have any of those super long strands of beads? Wrap them around your body now, sans clothing. Pair with stilettos for a rich look. Just be prepared that beads may start flying when he gets a hold of you.

Classic Stripper Appeal

You probably wear a pair of high heeled boots all the time, with your nice work clothes, out to dinner, over jeans… but have you ever considered ditching the denim and sliding the boots on with nothing other than a matching thong? Strippers know the classic appeal of tall boots and a thong; it’s a look you’ll see a lot in clubs. Black leather boots and a black thong are simply sexy, a completely classic look with a touch of naughtiness. Your man will go nuts for it.

What’s in His Closet?

You might not think there would be anything on his side of the closet that you could wear to turn him on but men are strange creatures and find some things sexy that a woman would never even look twice at. Like his hunting or sports gear. Some guys secretly want to see you in camo…seriously they do. Other guys would be in heaven if you put on their sports jersey.

Many men swear that the sight of a woman in a man’s dress shirt with a pair of sexy as hell high heels is one of the most arousing scenes. Want to spice up the look and add a touch more femininity to it? Add lace topped thigh highs and a pearl necklace. Want to drive him really wild? Wear an old style garter belt with stockings for classic feminine sex appeal under that masculine shirt.

Other totally awesome items with massive sex appeal you may find on his side of the closet include: trench coats, dusters, cowboy hats, silk boxers, and work uniforms. How about his tool belt? Add a tight little tank top and cut off shorts (maybe a hard hat) and you’re a tool man’s fantasy come true.

Have black electrical tape? Explore your wild side and go for a bit of a fetish look by creating stick on lingerie with the tape. X’s over the nipples, strips around the waist, a triangle in a certain area sure to get his attention…

Does your man have the old wife beater style tank top undershirts? Many men, my husband included, have lots of fantasies about seeing breasts popping out of those skimpy manly tops. A few of my husband’s suggestions include cutting the top so the nipples play peak-a-boo through perfectly positioned slits and ripping the top off in a totally passionate way oh and let’s not forget the classic male obsession with wet t-shirts…

There are so many things you can do without spending a dime. Don’t let tight budgets and the economic slump cool off your love life; keep the flames of desire burning bright by using your sexual creativity to put together totally ravishing outfits and sexy scenarios.


Steph from said...

You could add a tool belt and fill it will more appropriate toys!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

LOL nice idea, Steph