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Valentine’s Day interview with the witches from Paranormal Pleasures: Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction

We have a special Valentine’s Day interview with a few of the witches from the erotic short story collection Paranormal Pleasures: Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction.

I’ll start with Marissa from “A Last Goodbye”. Marissa is new to the supernatural world, being a late bloomer with her magic but her trainer, Deirdre, who happens to be a vampire, is showing her the ropes and helping her acclimate quite well.

RR: So Marissa how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, is Deirdre very romantic?

Marissa: Deirdre is quite the romantic though don’t tell her I said that, it would ruin her ice queen image. I’m not sure what she has planned but I know she’s up to something, she’s had a twinkle in her eye and that always means she’s in planning mode.

RR: Has she done grand romantic gestures before?

Marissa: Not any extremely grand gestures, she’s more of an everyday romantic- a rose on my pillow, a new book of spells on my desk…she always does something sweet for me.

RR: That is precious. I think it’s so important to have those little everyday reminders of love they keep the romance alive.

Marissa: Oh yes, it definitely does. And with our crazy lifestyles and supernatural drama…it can be hard to think about the mundane stuff.

RR: Vampires, witches and their drama…

Marissa: You know it.

As Marissa giggles thinking about her new life full of vampires I turn to Ariadne from “Witch in the Middle”. Ariadne has not one but two gorgeous men in her life. Such a greedy witch J

RR: Hi Ariadne, how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Anything special planned? Will you celebrate with both of your men?

Ariadne: I’m not sure what I will be doing for Valentine’s Day this year.

RR: Why not?

Ariadne: The whole “who to be with” issue, and choosing which guy to celebrate with is such a headache.

RR: Why not be with them both?

Ariadne: And risk the dirty looks, the questioning looks…or even worse the guys getting into it in the middle of a romantic dinner and embarrassing me? No thank you.

RR: So they’re still having issues with each other?

Ariadne: Men are so territorial, jealousy is always an issue. They are always trying to one up each other or be the better man. Sometimes I wonder if I should just choose and be done with it.

RR: I’m sorry to hear that, I was really hoping the three of you had worked things out.

Ariadne: Perhaps they’ll get over the pettiness so I can have a HappyValentine’s Day. I would really love to be with both of them and have a good time.

RR: Well there you go, just tell them you want to go out and have fun without their egos getting in the way.

Ariadne: Thanks, Rox I will do that. Now I just have to figure out what to wear.

RR: Maybe you should go chat with Marissa and Deirdre I hear Deirdre has closets full of amazing clothes.

Ariadne: Thanks, I’ll do that.

Ariadne wanders off to find Marissa and I turn to Elita from “The Questioning Concubine”.
RR: Hello Elita, glad you could join us today. How are things going with the investigation?

Elita: Thanks to Connor I’m finally making some headway with the case. I’m closer than ever to finding out who killed my parents.

RR: That’s great news. Are you taking any time off to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Elita: Oh yes *she smiles coyly*. We will definitely be celebrating Valentine’s day.

RR: Do you and Connor have anything planned?

Elita: A wicked little grin creeps across her pretty features…I do. I want to surprise him with a very romantic and sexy evening.

RR: Really? How do give an incubus a romantic surprise? I mean, after all he is all about the sex.

Elita: That’s just it, he is used to doling out the pleasure and being the means to an end. I want to give him pleasure, treat him like he has treated me. I want to return the affection. I don’t think he’s used to being on the receiving end of love.

RR: So you plan to turn things upside down for your pleasure demon?

Elita: Oh yes *again with that wicked grin*. I wanted to ask her more but I didn’t want to get into the TMI area plus I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for  Connor, who knows maybe there’s a future story in the works featuring Elita and Connor’s Valentine’s pleasurefest.

RR: Good luck with that. I hope it turns out to be a spectacular night for the tow of you.

Elita: Oh it will it’s going to be so amazing and so damn hot…
*she blushes as she realizes she’s getting a little carried away*

RR: I clear my throat thanks for joining me for this little interview, I hope all of your Valentine fantasies turn out to be fabulous.

Elita: Thanks Rox I’m sure they will.

Elita wanders off and I turn to the witch that’s left, Vicki from “Witching You A Merry Christmas”.

RR: So Vicki, You and Daniel ended up having a very wonderful Christmas last year, will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day together as well?

Vicki: She gives me a shy smile Yes, we’ll be together for Valentine’s and for the rest of the holidays.

RR: Wonderful. So any plans?

Vicki: I think Daniel has something up his sleeve. He is such a sweet and charming romantic.

RR: What kind of romantic is he, hearts and flowers or something deeper?

Vicki: Oh a little of both. He does the hearts and flowers and chocolates but he always adds something deeply personal- like finding a first edition copy of my favorite book signed by the author. Or hunting down my grandmother’s locket which had been pawned years ago when my mother needed money.

RR: Wow. He puts his detective skills to work for romance huh?

Vicki: She laughs Oh yes. He is very good at tracking things down, and he’s such a good listener. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.

RR: I know he loves Christmas and goes all out with the decorations, is he the same way for Valentine’s day?

Vicki: He loves to celebrate…anything. He has an entire room filled with decorations for every holiday.

RR: So that’s a yes? I laugh.

Vicki: Most definitely.

RR: Well thank you for joining me today, thanks to all the witches that took the time to stop by and answer my questions.

To learn more about these characters check out Paranormal Pleasures Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction.

Roxanne Rhoads
Publisher: Bewitching Books
Genre: Paranormal erotica
ISBN: 0615470386 / 9780615470382
Page Count: 138

Book description:

Ten tantalizing, erotic tales of vampires, witches and demons grace the pages of this short story collection by Roxanne Rhoads.

Step into the darkness and let these tales tempt and tease to satisfy your paranormal cravings.

Eight of Roxanne Rhoads' previous eBook publications appear in print for the first time, along with two brand new, never before published tales of supernatural love and lust.

Extended Description

A Last Goodbye

New witch Marissa is learning the ropes of being one of The Others. One of her mentors is vampire Deirdre, a tall beauty who really irritates Marissa. Marissa is extremely pissed when she shows up to Dante's Ball and finds Deirdre there with Marissa's recent ex-boyfriend, Jeff. The one she was encouraged to break up with because of his humanity. Deirdre explains her reasons for bringing Jeff and offers to help Marissa say goodbye to him in a way none of them will ever forget


Vanessa is tired of her boyfriend Simon’s promiscuous vampire ways and stakes him, repeatedly- not close enough to the heart to kill him but close enough to make it hurt. But now she’s had a change of heart and considers embracing the sexual world of the vampire instead of being jealous of it.

Witch in the Middle

Ariadne is a witch torn between two men, a vampire and a human. Her heart doesn’t want to choose but the men force her to make a decision that could break her heart, unless with the help of the Goddess all three of them can come to a mutually acceptable…and enjoyable agreement.

When It Storms

Devon’s witchy girlfriend becomes insatiable every time a storm rolls around and he’s more than happy to give her exactly what she needs.

Monster Inside

Shannon’s never seen her vampire boyfriend, Logan, vamp out before. Then one night he has to kill to save her life. Can she ever look at him the same way again?

The Questioning Concubine

Elita, a pure blood witch, has come home to find who or what killed her parents and to take her rightful place as the head of the coven. After five years of investigating and exhausting all conventional methods at her disposal, she decides to do the one thing a good witch should never do—summon a demon. The demon is not what she expected. Elita is soon swept up in his power… and her own.


The residents of the sleepy little town of Flushing, Michigan had no idea a vampire lived among them, seducing and drinking from all the men in town. Renata walked among them, blending in, taking only what she needed. One night, while she was on the prowl for fresh blood at a carnival, a handsome carnie caught her eye. She had no way of knowing he was a vampire hunter and was there for her.

Sea of Blood

Liana made Nerissa a vampire centuries ago in the islands of Greece but she’s never tired of her companion or the way she hunts her prey.

A Halloween to Remember

What says Halloween better than a wild party at an old Victorian mansion complete with its own cemetery? Perhaps meeting the man of your dreams thanks to the magic of Halloween.

Adena can’t believe her eyes when she spots Dimitri in the library- he looks like something straight off the cover of a historical romance novel-the type of guy she’s always dreamed of. Too bad he disappears before she has the chance to introduce herself. When she finally spots him again later that night she decides she’s not letting him get away again. Adena thinks she’s finally found the one. Until she wakes up alone the next morning- in the cemetery.

Halloween magic brought them together but will it be strong enough to keep them together?

Witching You A Merry Christmas

Witch Vicki has been leery of vampires ever since she was attacked five years ago. Daniel's a vampire and he's been secretly in love in with Vicki for two years ever since becoming Vicki's partner in The Guardians a supernatural group of paranormal crime fighters. Daniel loves Christmas and hopes the spirit of the holidays will soften Vicki's hatred of vampires and help her see him in a new light. Will he get his Christmas wish?