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Guest blog and Giveaway Legends of the Goldens Books 1 and 2 by S.B.K. Burns

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Recently, I had the opportunity to decide if I wanted to query a particular Literary Agency. How could I rate an agent, or a publishing house as it affected the promotion and ultimate sale of an author’s/client’s book(s)?

I meet with two read and critique groups in the San Diego Area per week and announced to one of them that they needn’t feel like they have to be traditionally published by the big five, since many strictly eBook publishers (for example: Entangled) get as much traffic on their sites as traditional publishers (Random House, Macmillan, Harper-Collins, et cetera).

But using to rank the amount of traffic on a website, I saw that even those values change dramatically from day to day. And what about the fact that many smaller publishers opt out of drawing readers to their websites entirely, instead uploading their eBooks to Amazon Books?  And another factor that might influence who I send my MS to is that many of the eBook imprints of the big five do that same opting out thing and upload their books to Amazon as well.

So, geek mathematician that I am, I thought I might compare book sales ratings to publisher website ratings, maybe as a means to compare literary agencies.

I used the authors and books to find the best book rank ( on Amazon (that relates somewhat to how well the eBook has sold since it was released). Then I found the publisher and a rating for its website. I then graphed the eBook ratings verses the traffic ratings for publisher sites (for books out less than a year).

The preliminary results for the client’s books for my particular agent showed the sales ratings for eBooks varied directly with and did much better than the traffic on the publisher’s websites. I would have to compare agents in this way to see how much better one agent’s books did than others with respect to publisher traffic.

I think I may be on to something.

Happy hunting in the Amazon Promotional Jungle,

Susan Burns (S.B.K. Burns)

Forbidden Playground
Legends of the Goldens
Book 1
S.B.K. Burns

Genre: sci-fi paranormal romance

Publisher: Soul Mate


Number of pages: 380
Word Count: 95,000

Series Description:

The Legends of The Goldens Series is a collection of quirky urban-fantasy romances, about vampire good guys—psychic orbweavers who create, or weave together, real universes. They can shapeshift, telepath, teleport, heal—and make love, not war, with their fangs. Instinctively they rescue both humans and vampires, even when neither is too keen on being saved.

Book Description:

Part human. Part alien. Being superhuman doesn’t make them immune to love. Or to heartbreak.

Akeelah never asks to be different. She sure doesn't ask to be a hybrid. She doesn't want to be a psychic orbweaver like her people—able to create new worlds with only a thought.

She. Just. Wants. To. Be. A. Girl. More precisely, Saffron’s girl.

Saffron's her best friend, a hybrid like her—and hot. Being superhuman doesn’t make him immune to love. Or heartbreak. His one focus—Akeelah.

Coming into their powers and against the wishes of their android guardians, together Akeelah and Saffron practice their psychic skills.

Because of the dangers of orbweaving, the guardians they trust take Akeelah away, zap her memory.

Saffron can't live without Akeelah. All he wants is her memory restored, so she knows she's in love with him.

But trust is rare in a world full of deception, androids, and aliens—even when two people love each other.

Releasing March 22- Book 2

Dancing Dragons
Legends of the Goldens
Book 2
S.B.K. Burns

Genre: sci-fi paranormal romance

Publisher: Soul Mate

Number of pages: 240
Word Count: 60,000

Book Description:

Eco warrior, Maggie Maclaurin, can somehow see through Andrew’s conjured fraternity disguise: he’s a psychic cousin to the vampires, and with those flying dragon tattoos undulating suggestively across his naked chest, positively an endangered species, definitely in need of saving.

But when real vampires make a pact with the corrupt government to bring a little more nasty onto campus, Maggie’s chaotic human vibes keep Andrew from protecting her, make him sick, each time he comes in for a nibble from the neck of this attractive, yet headstrong young woman.

Can Andrew forget about his self-centeredness long enough to gain Maggie’s trust, so he can save her from the vampire’s fangs, and, if he does, who will save her from his own?

Purchase at:    Susan Burns Author      Soul Mate Publishing  

About the Author :

Before dedicating herself to full-time writing, Susan earned two advanced engineering degrees and worked in the fields of biology, oceanography, biomedical, and aerospace engineering. That knowledge, and the experience of working with a smorgasbord of mostly men, continues to populate her science fictions, urban fantasies, steampunks, and other paranormal romances.


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Roxanne Rhoads said...

thank you for being a guest today

Debby said...

I love the title and the cover. It looks great!
debby236 at gmail dot com

bn100 said...

Interesting research

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Susan Burns said...

Thanks for posting, guys.
I'm taking comments until the end of the month and then drawing a name for the prize.

I'm glad you like the cover and the research that went into this book.

For those who like to write paranormal, but would like to get into a little history, steampunk may be the way to go.

I'm now writing a steampunk that spans the Regency to Victorian eras. Lots to learn about this time in history without totally immersing myself in a full historical romance.

Please see my website to see how I'm developing a scientific story [cosmology] that I might need to use to develop more books in the Legends of the Goldens Series.

Thanks, all.


Meliizza said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!! :)

Unknown said...

My goodness these books sound amazing, and the covers are absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

Susan Burns said...

Thanks Melizza and Bookaholic.

Hope in this wonderful world of books, mine might be named to your Goodreads to-read bookshelf.


Susan Burns said...

Thanks to all who commented.

ARCs and prizes will be given out in April.

Happy reading,

Susan (S.B.K. Burns)