Monday, May 05, 2014

Shifting Sands by Joy Lynn Fielding

Thanks so much for having me here today, Roxanne. I’m excited to have the opportunity to chat about writing the Strength of the Pack series.

Shifting Sands is the fourth book in the series. This is the longest series I’ve written so date (so far, anyway. Who knows what’s coming next?!) and it’s been a really fun ride coming back to the same characters in different books, seeing them from a different perspective each time, and finding out how the events of each book have affected them.

For many years now, I’ve preferred watching television series over films. I find a series allows many more stories to be told, all the while giving characters the space to develop and to take up residence in one’s heart in a way that a film generally doesn’t have the time for. I’ve found the same about writing this series. The pack, while very small by shifter standards, has too many characters to give them all equal air time and find out just who they are in one book without it rivalling War and Peace for length.

The downside of writing this series has been that every single character seems to think they should have frequent cameo appearances, no matter whether the book’s about them or not. And the cast of characters keeps growing: the black horse who appeared extremely briefly in An Impossible Mate now has a name and a plot line all of his own, and one of the incidental characters who was only supposed to appear in one scene in A Liar’s Moon is determined to have a starring rôle in Book 6.

I’m currently finishing the fifth book in the series, with one more to go. I’m going to find it very difficult to let go of the Elk Ridge pack, but I know they’ll look out for one another and that their alpha, Matt Urban, will bang their heads together when needed.

Shifting Sands
Strength of the Pack Series
Book 4
Joy Lynn Fielding

Genre: M/M paranormal erotic romance

Publisher: Siren BookStrand

Date of Publication:  27th March 2014

ISBN: 978-1-62741-494-4

Number of pages: 165
Word Count: 50,882

Cover Artist: Christine Kirchoff

Book Description:

The visit to Elk Ridge is supposed to be just another assignment for Tom Barrington. Then he encounters Bryce Reynolds, a generous, warmhearted cowboy who has the easiest smile he’s ever seen. It doesn’t take long for Tom to break all his rules and end up in Bryce’s bed.

Bryce Reynolds believes there’s no such thing as a hot politician, right up until he meets Tom Barrington. Tall, dark, and principled, Tom overturns all of Bryce’s prejudices, and Bryce starts to forget that he doesn’t do serious and he doesn’t do commitment.

As Bryce and Tom struggle to make sense of what’s happening between them, they’re drawn into a political battle—one which could affect the future of every shifter. And when long-buried secrets start coming to light, things turn deadly. Nothing will ever be the same again for the Elk Ridge pack.

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Note: This is book 4 but it can be read as a standalone

About the Author:

Joy Lynn Fielding is a sucker for happy endings. She believes, however, that if characters don’t suffer along the way, they won’t fully appreciate being happy. Not all of her characters thank her for this viewpoint, but what do they know?

Joy lives in a small English market town, but also inhabits a number of fictional worlds at any one time, reflecting what she’s writing and what she’s reading. She has a tendency to share enthusiastically with anyone who will listen the latest fascinating facts she’s stumbled across in her research for books. Thankfully she has a very patient Labrador, who has a gift for looking as though he’s interested in what she’s saying while he waits for the food to arrive.

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Joy Lynn Fielding said...

Thanks so much for hosting me here today, Roxanne.

I'll be popping in and out all day and am very happy to answer any questions about the book or the series - or anything else, for that matter! - that anyone might have. :)

Paulina Woods said...

I am the same way about series. I LOVE them. Films end way too soon. Can't wait to read the series from the beginning!!!

Joy Lynn Fielding said...

I know, Paulina. I tend to be still sinking into the world of the film at about the two hour mark, and suddenly it's over. It's always so disappointing!

And thanks very much - I hope you enjoy reading the series. :)