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Giveaway Profile of Evil by Alexa Grace

Profile of Evil
The Profile Series
Book 1
Alexa Grace

Genre:  Mystery/Suspense

Publisher: Golden Publishing

ISBN: 0985593954

Number of pages: 324
Word Count: 78,674

Cover Artist: Christy Carlyle

Book Description:

A vicious serial killer…

As the body count increases, Sheriff Brody Chase realizes there is a monster living in his county and using it as a dump site.

A missing girl…

Alison is a lonely, abused and bullied thirteen-year-old who has no idea her online heart throb is a serial killer.

Time is running out…

A life hangs in the balance, and the profiler and sheriff rush to stop the most terrifying killer of their careers.

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Brody pulled up in front of a two-story gray house in a nice neighborhood with palm trees lining the streets.  Flicking on the interior car light, he checked the address he'd been given.  It was the correct address, so he parked his rental car in the driveway.  There were lights on inside the house, which was encouraging, for he had a critical need to talk to the resident.
Impatiently, he rang the doorbell several times, and then pounded his fist against the front door.  Damn it.  He had not come all the way from Indiana to Florida to miss talking with this guy.  He had to be home.  Brody desperately needed his help before another teenage girl lost her life.  Sheriff Tim Brennan had written to him about how good this guy was, and if Brennan recommended him, he had to be excellent.  Brody hammered at the door again, before peeking through the front window.  There was no one inside, but from his position he could see open sliding glass doors leading to the backyard. 
From the side yard, he opened the iron gate to the back of the house.  The second he entered the backyard, he noticed a woman diving into an Olympic-sized pool.  Transfixed, he watched her as she swam to the far end of the pool, and then kicked-off to swim to the other end, this time on her back.  Her naked body, slick from the water, glowed in the moonlight.  The tiny glittering lights surrounding the pool made her look ethereal as she sliced through the water.
He should do the gentlemanly thing and leave, but he couldn't move.  His frozen legs seemed attached to the ground.  He could barely breathe as she lifted herself out of the water.  With long black hair as shiny as glass, she had an athletic build, with full, uplifted breasts, curved hips and endless legs.  His jeans grew tighter as his arousal strained against the zipper.
Moving to a deck chair, she wrapped a white towel around her body—then picked up a serious-looking handgun that she aimed at his chest.
"I don't know who you are or why you're in my yard, but I've got a little secret I'd like to share with you," she began.  "In the past two years, I've shot two men.  Neither man is here to talk about it."
Brody stiffened as a wave of apprehension hit him full-force.  He'd been shot before, remembered it well, and had no desire to repeat the experience.  He cleared his throat and said, "I apologize if I frightened you.  I pounded on the front door, but no one answered."
"That doesn't tell me who you are and why you're here," she returned, assuming one of the best shooting stances he'd ever seen.
He hesitated for a second, and then responded, "I'm Sheriff Brody Chase from Morel, Indiana, in Shawnee County.  I'm here to see Carl Stone."
She quirked her eyebrow questioningly, and asked, "Who told you Carl Stone lived here?"
"A fellow Indiana county sheriff gave me the name and address in an email.  Tim Brennan's his name," he replied. 
She slowly lowered the gun.  "Sounds like Sheriff Brennan made a typo.  It's Carly Stone that you're looking for.  Why do you want to talk to me?"
"You're Tim's consultant?"  Brody asked, with an element of surprise in his voice.
"My brother, Blake Stone, is a detective on Tim's team.  Last year, he and his wife, Jennifer, did all the work to track down a serial killer.  I just gave them a kind of psychological road map."
"I need to talk to you," Brody said as he moved closer.

She held up a hand.  "Not here.  There's an IHOP Restaurant down the road.  I'll meet you there in an hour."

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Alexa Grace began her writing journey in March 2011 when the Sr. Director of Training & Development position she'd held for thirteen years was eliminated. A door closed but another one opened. She finally had the time to pursue her childhood dream of writing books. Her focus is now on writing riveting romantic suspense novels.

Alexa Grace is consistently listed in top twenty of Amazon's Top 100 Most Popular Authors in the categories Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural.  In 2013, she was named one of the top 100 Indie authors by Kindle Review. A chapter is devoted to her in the book Interviews with Indie Authors by C. Ridgway and T. Ridgway.

Her books Deadly Offerings, Deadly Deception, and Deadly Relations are listed in e-retailer's Top 100 Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural Books.  Deadly Offerings has not left the top ten bestselling free mystery romance and police procedural books since 2011.

Deadly Holiday, published in November 2012, is her holiday-themed romantic suspense novella, featuring all her Deadly Trilogy characters.

Alexa Grace's book Deadly Relations is included in the bestselling book set The Perfect Ten along with Dianna Love, Norah Wilson, Nancy Naigle, Andrienne Giordano, Misty Evans, Sandy Blair, Mary Buckham, Tonya Kappes and Micah Caipa.

Profile of Evil, the first book of the Profile Series was published in May 2013. Profile of Terror was released in May 2014  and Profile of Fear will be released in 2015.

Earning two degrees from Indiana State University, Alexa currently lives in Florida. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Her writing support team includes five Miniature Schnauzers, three of which are rescues. As a writer, she is fueled by Starbucks lattes, chocolate and emails from readers.

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