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Sisters of Prophecy – Ursula by Jude Pittman and Gail Roughton

Sisters of Prophecy – Ursula
Sisters of Prophecy
Book 1
Jude Pittman and Gail Roughton

Genre: Paranormal, Time Travel

Publisher:  Books We Love, Ltd.

Date of Publication: September 29, 2014

ISBN:  978-1-77145-310-3

Number of pages:  164
Word Count:   50,000

Cover Artist:  Michelle Lee
Book Description:

What’s a girl to do? Katherine Shipton has a painting that talks, an ancestor who won’t stay in her own century, and a former boyfriend with a serious ax to grind against her new fiancé. She already has a full plate, but when said ancestor sends her tripping back and forth between the 15th and 21st century without benefit of psychedelic drugs, the poor girl begins to doubt her own sanity.

Then her best friend, a high fashion model with more than her own share of psychic energy, and her troubleshooting aunt show up on her doorstep in response to a psychic SOS Katherine swears she didn’t send. Life couldn't get more complicated.

At least, that's what she thinks until her oilman fiancé disappears in the Gulf of Mexico and a DEA agent knocks on her door.

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Excerpt Four

Mother Shipton waved her hand toward the television screen. It flickered and came to life.
On the screen guards in medieval garb rode behind a horse drawn cart. Inside a woman bound in chains kept her head down and her eyes averted from the crowds lining the streets of Knaresborough. Lady Ursula. Older now, with signs of strain marking her face, but it was definitely her ladyship. Lady Ursula of the tower dream.
The sounds of laughing, jeering voices followed the cart and the girls knew, just as Lady Ursula herself did, that many of the faces in the crowd belonged to those her ladyship considered friends.
The peasants, electrified by the spectacle of nobility paraded through the streets like a common prisoner, worked themselves into a frenzy, calling out as she passed:
“Witch, witch, witch! Burn the bloody witch!”
“Oh. My. God.” Katherine’s face turned white. “Bloody Mary’s witch hunts. That’s why she was in the tower. Not just any tower. The Tower of London.”
“How do you know that?” Sylvia asked.
“I had a thing for English history as a teenager.”
“Okay, so you were a nerd. I get it. What about this Bloody Mary?”
“King Henry’s heir was Edward. A very sickly, short-lived king, never married. He was succeeded by his sister, Henry’s daughter. Mary. She was a fanatical Catholic. Known to history as Bloody Mary. Because she burned pretty much anybody she didn’t like the looks of—Protestants, supposed witches, accused traitors. Whoever displeased her fancy.”
“And she didn’t like Lady Ursula, I’m assuming’.”
“Obviously not. Okay, Grandmother.” Katherine turned to face Mother Shipton, who had just smothered a large yawn.
“You want us to stop this, don’t you?”
“Welllll—mayhap I do and mayhap I don’t. Mayhap this is what will happen if Lady Ursula picks the wrong path when she gets to the crossroad. And will never happen if she picks the right one.”
“So where the hell is that damn crossroad? And how will we know it when we get there?”
 “Ye’ll know it. The power will tell you. The power was born in you, girl! Born in both of you. Because the Sisters of Prophecy aren’t always connected by blood. They’re connected by power, shared and used wisely.”

About the Authors

Jude Pittman emigrated from Canada to the United States with her mom and brother when she was 14. Her time there included 12 years in Texas where the genus for her first murder mystery, “Shadows Are Deadly” now part of Jude’s “Murder on My Mind” trilogy first took root. In 1992 Jude returned to British Columbia where she met her husband John. The couple moved to Calgary, Alberta where they continue to live. Descended from the Shipton line, Jude has always been fascinated with the historical and legendary stories about her late and often maligned ancestor, Mother Shipton and her gifts of prophecy. The Sisters of Prophecy series is a fictional account of those Shipton sons and daughters who inherited Mother Shipton’s gifts.

Gail Roughton is a native of small town Georgia whose Deep South heritage features prominently in much of her work. She’s worked in a law office for close to forty years, during which time she’s raised three children and quite a few attorneys. She’s kept herself more or less sane by writing novels and tossing the completed manuscripts into her closet. A cross-genre writer, she’s produced works ranging from humor to romance to thriller to horror, sometimes in the same book.  She’s never quite sure herself what to expect when she sits down at the keyboard. Now multi-published by Books We Love, Ltd., her credits include the War-N-Wit, Inc. series, The Color of Seven, Vanished, and Country Justice. Currently, she’s working on Black Turkey Walk, the second in the Country Justice series, as well as the Sisters of Prophecy series, co-written with Jude Pittman.


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