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Guest Blog and Giveaway: In The Age Of Hysteria by Thomas Briar

Hi there. My name is Thomas Briar and I write erotic romance stories. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by and visit with me.
You know something, I love all things Victorian. There’s just something so sensual about the era and this led me to write a novella about one of its most infamous diseases.
Yep, you guessed it…it was the disease known as hysteria. You see, when I first became aware that doctors once manipulated the female genitals unto hysterical paroxysm as treatment for sexual frustration I was astounded. Then, as I researched it completely out, I discovered that most doctors relegated the treatment of hysteria to mid-wives and assistants. It seems that the majority of doctors thought performing such a mundane task was beneath them.
However, at this point in my research, writing a romance book using the hysteria epidemic as a backdrop was a done deal for me. I just couldn’t persuade myself to not do it. And the doctor I had in mind wouldn’t think of the treatment of hysteria as a mundane task. Neither would he be a sexual predator preying on patients. Oh no, my heroes have never been those kinds of guys. In fact, the hero I envisioned would be sympathetic, professional, and above all else, a consummate gentleman. But that’s not to say he wouldn’t also be susceptible to the human condition.
As I began writing the story the doctor’s name turned out to be Joseph and his love interest turned out to be his business partner, Mary. Now bear in mind that neither of them was looking for love when they first met and their decision to form a partnership to treat hysteria patients was purely for their mutual survival. Yet still, the story is really about two people who find what they desperately need in each other. 
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Thanks again for stopping by and visiting with me!
In The Age Of Hysteria
Thomas Briar

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance

Publisher: MuseItHOT Publishing

Date of Publication:  6-28-13

ISBN: 978-1-77127-356-5

Number of pages: 139
Word Count: 25,541

Cover Artist: Marion Sipe

Book Description:

Dr. Joseph Brenner, a twenty-two year old graduate of medical college, has a natural gift for treating hysteria, circa 1878. The only problem is none of his peers in Boston, Massachusetts will offer him an assistantship due to a supposed moral indiscretion on his part. Without obtaining an assistantship he cannot enter the medical field to build a reputation as a competent doctor. Or, so he believes.

The beautiful and affluent Ms. Mary Pyre, a twenty-six year old businesswoman, has heard whispers of Joseph's proficiency in treating the disease. She seeks Joseph out and hires him as the attending physician at her Women's Health and Revitalizing Spa. Though Joseph and Mary are attracted to each other, unfortunate circumstances make them keep their romantic feelings for one another at arm's length. It is only when he learns she needs his expertise to overcome her chronic sexual impotence toward men that their relationship has an opportunity to move forward.

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"Thank you." Ms. Mary Pyre accepted Dr. Brenner's proffered hand to exit the carriage after him. Though she believed neither her hands nor face betrayed her potent nervousness, she was certain without the corset constraining her waist the butterflies wafting around inside her stomach would have already evolved into soaring eagles. She wondered if Susan's nerves faired any better. Especially after they had purposely stressed Dr. Brenner out to see how he would react under pressure. Thankfully, he'd shown strength and resolve, so had passed the test with flying colors. Now she wanted him to join their clinic more than ever.
Without Dr. Brenner's participation they would be relegated to the poor house alongside him within six months due to their handing their money over to the same financial advisor as he. It was a good thing he could no longer afford to promenade in high society, else he'd probably know of their dire financial straits, and instead of seeming magnanimous in offering a full-fledged partnership, she and Susan would appear desperate, which in all truthfulness, they were.
"So what do you think?" Mary asked once Dr. Brenner had assisted Susan in stepping from the carriage and  turned to appraise the office.
"It looks very nice," he replied.
Mary smiled, her eyes running up the lily-lined gravel path to take in the bright yellow and white color scheme of the early Victorian home. She thought Dr. Brenner would be impressed once he realized how much thought they'd put into the practice. He'd also then know exactly how high their ambitions soared.
In a statement: it was their intention to regain every bit of societal standing they had lost by getting the young doctor to provide patients with the maximum sexual fulfillment possible in a setting not soon forgotten, and one definitely not to be confused with an austere doctor's office. Within a month the practice should be earning over a hundred and fifty dollars a day, providing Dr. Brenner signed on and proved to be as talented as he and the rumors surrounding his natural gift for pleasing women touted him to be.
"Where did you study psychology?" Dr. Brenner asked.
The question startled Mary. She hadn't expected it so soon. "Bravo, Dr. Brenner. I attended Boston Women's College, class of '72. Susan roomed with me. We both earned teaching degrees, but much to our chagrin, we found teaching dull and tiresome. Please, what gave us away?"
"The color scheme of the house; usually only a person having studied the emotional mechanics of the human mind can grasp the importance of color when trying to make women more susceptible to entering any unfamiliar establishment. I applaud you."
"Just wait until you see the inside." A shiver of excitement raced up Mary's spine to tickle the skin on the back of her neck. This was going better than she'd hoped. The young doctor respected them as being intelligent women. Most men didn't, especially the venerated doctors of Boston who believed medicine would always be ruled by men, with no feminine opinions requested or required. Indeed, she knew a thing or two about the haughtiness of the male-dominated medical community and Dr. Brenner seemed like a breath of fresh air on a hot, muggy day.
For a second time today she noticed how handsome his physical features were, particularly, how his dark blue eyes perfectly complemented the contours of his smooth, angular face and abundance of curly black hair atop his head. She also liked the way his body cut a fine figure in his tailored suit; his stomach appeared washboard flat and in proportion to his slim hips and larger chest and shoulders. Though he wasn't an overly large man, he was certainly a striking image of masculinity.

About the Author:

Edgy and provocative in his writings, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates. To date, he's garnered eleven publishing contracts with three different publishers and has seven published books in the marketplace.

When he's not writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, taking long walks, and people watching. Yeah, he's always wondering what makes people do the things they do. He knows it's usually something hidden in plain sight. He just has to figure out what it is, much like the motivations of the characters in his stories. 

Five Revelations from Thomas Briar

•         I was once a very religious young man. The ladies in the church I attended wore their hair in buns and their dress-tails brushed against the hardwood floor. Considering the explicit sexual content in my books, who would ever suspect that I came from such an austere environment…right?
•         At twenty-five years of age I discovered Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries and Anais Nin. The course of my life was forever altered. However, due to my religious upbringing, I suffered quite the emotional dilemma: either reinvent myself into who I wanted to be or continue to live out my life in religious austerity. I honestly believe I made the right choice.
•         My wife is the most fun I've ever had. And I suspect she always will be. I met her when I was twenty-two and she was nineteen. I knew I was going to marry her three weeks into our relationship but I waited eight months before I actually asked for her hand in marriage. We've been together twenty-one years. She's the love of my life.
•         I'm no stranger to manual labor. My father put me to work at six years old. I chuckle now whenever I think back at how I considered it a travesty that my younger brother didn't have to start working until he was seven. My brother and I are still the best of friends all these many years later.
•         I love writing erotica and erotic romance. Every time I publish a new story I feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.

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