Wednesday, July 08, 2015

On The Rox: Calling Out the Troll

Ever since my husband left  Phoenix Pest Control last year we've been randomly stalked. I use stalked because I don't really have a better term for it. It seems to go in spurts and phases.

Anyway the company cut my husband's salary and turned it into a commission which drastically cut his pay. My husband decided to open his own company and leave Phoenix.

His boss had the audacity to get pissed and decided to start trash talking my husband to the clients. Clients which have followed my husband from every company he has worked for. They are his clients, not the clients of Phoenix. But his ex-boss tried to claim they were and that my husband stole them.

Whatever, none of the clients paid any attention to this guy because A) they know and love my husband and B) his ex boss was creepy as hell and everyone thought so.

But the harassment didn't stop, his boss and the guy's wife were caught following my husband, going to new clients my husband signed and trying to trash talk my husband's company to them. 

She even got on Angie's list and left a shitty review.

Then there was a car stalking our house- it parked across the street in a lot, facing our house, just sitting there several times for hours on end. Finally we got the license plate and called the police. Haven't seen it again.

The weird thing is this guy left his company vehicle, that my husband drove, at our house. It had been sitting here for almost a year. My husband contacted him several times about picking it up but the guy did nothing. Well my husband finally called the township last month and had the abandoned vehicle towed.

OK you're probably wondering where I am going with this...because when their harassment didn't seem to have any effect on my husband or his business the crazy bitch turned on me. 

I started getting comments on my blogs attacking me personally and talking crap about my ability as a publicist (which by the way thanks troll for putting it in writing, I can now sue you for defamation of character and libel). 

I believe it is her because I don't really believe in coincidence- that suddenly someone targets me after my husband was targeted.

Plus it started soon after the vehicle was towed. I guess we stirred the hornets nest.

Could it be someone else? Sure, anything is possible. 

So this person is claiming to know me in real life, which I find hard to believe because if that were true they would be my friend on facebook and it would be clear I don't pass myself off as young or thin or anything other than who I truly am.

I have plenty of pictures on facebook of me that clearly show I'm not thin (or tall), but so what. I'm OK with me. 

And I post about my family a lot, including my 23 year old son, my 16 year old daughter and my 9 year old son. So unless someone really sucks at math, I don't think anyone expects me to be, like 20 or however young this troll thinks I am trying to pass myself off as. 

I have a feeling the troll is old, and not happy about her age. Bitter doesn't look good on anyone.

As for the red are you freaking blind? #whatcolorismyhair 

Out of these pics below only the first one has been run through a filter and makes my hair a brighter red than it was at that moment, though sometimes it is that bright. 

The second two images were only cropped not edited, filtered or photo shopped at all. #nofilter #myhairisred

My hair is red. It is usually always some shade of red, sometimes it is darker, sometimes lighter, sometimes really red, sometimes brown red. But it's always some shade of red. Has been most of my life. Other than that blond phase I went through (even then it was strawberry blond which counts as red) and that Gothic phase where my hair was more purple and/or burgundy than red. But whatever #itsallred

And they would know that if they had actually met me in real life or were able to see anything other than my recent profile pics on facebook. I made my facebook private when all this drama started. So all they can see are my profile pics which are mostly black and white or have colorful filters. So they have no idea what color my hair is from those. 

They would also know, if they could see more than my profile pics and public posts on facebook, that I am very real. I don't hide or hold anything back. All of my photos are me.

And if they are talking about my website design and my online avatar...well I don't think anyone really expects me to look like an artistic design, do they?

I question their sanity, claiming to "know" me and "know all about me". 

Do they think they are psychic? They claim to know what's "in my head" or who I think I am "in my head".

Seriously, how did they get in my head? 

Some people need extreme therapy. I don't know what makes someone decide to stalk and target someone they don't even know. 

Perhaps it is sour grapes, they make the comment about me "thinking I am great at everything." 

Yeah, I've never claimed that. I am very careful not to boast or make claims that "I'm the best". A) because I think it is bad form B) it's not in my nature to be boastful and C) I am superstitious and think it's bad luck.

I do a lot of things, I run Bewitching Book Tours which has several divisions besides the tours including Bewitching Books, Bewitching Book Swag, Bewitching Vintage Treasures and a magazine for Bewitching Book Tours. I am also an author. And a mom of three kids, though the oldest can pretty much take care of himself now ;-) I also help my husband with his business and hobbies.

Maybe they hate that I can do all these things when they can't seem to do anything. I don't know. I just think it is sad that they don't have anything better to do with their life than to try and sabotage mine.

Oh and being an author and word person I just have to point out the mis-use of the word cliche'. Really, "On The Rox" has been so overused it is cliche'? Funny because I haven't seen that term anywhere else. Other than being the name of a few bars and clubs.

No darling, you used the word wrong. On the Rox is rather punny, or even "on the nose" but cliche', no that's not the word you were looking for.

cliché - a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse, as sadder but wiser, or strong as an ox.

It's funny though that the troll mentions "Rocky Rhoads"- too bad they spelled my last name wrong.  

Gosh, if you are going to stalk and troll someone at least have the decency to spell their freaking name right.

Anyway, I actually considered Rocky Rhoads but really love "On the Rox" with the pun and the vision of the woman in the martini glass. It works for me. I found the matching graphic and just knew that was it.

As for "Rocky Rhoads" -Yes, my life has been rocky. It's been a roller coaster, sometimes dramatic and other times down right tragic. I'll touch on that in future "On the Rox" posts. Whatever the troll knows or thinks they know isn't even a small glimpse of my history or my reality.

But really, you want to call me out you psycho troll, go ahead and call me out. 

Show me what you got. 

Everyone has had drama and tragedy in their life. The fact that you try to use that to call me out shows how much you don't know about me.

So now I'm calling you out. 

You coward. 

You sniveling, inconsequential, complete and total failure of a human being.

If you want to be a bad ass, show yourself. Don't hide behind "anonymous."