Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Invaders from the Outer Rim by Eric Coyote and Walt Morton

"Would you have sex with an alien?" 

"Would alien sex be super hot -- or totally gross?" 

"Why would anybody in their right mind even think about sex with aliens?"

These are the questions we tried to explore, seriously, in our new book Invaders From The Outer Rim. We wanted thoughtful answers and we took this unorthodox subject seriously. Because we were pretty pissed off that we've never seen a good version of this sex-with-the-alien tale. And why is that?

Stories of aliens visiting Earth have been very popular since the 1950's. Sure, there's loads of comic books, novels and movies about alien invaders who want to take over the world. But not much about interesting alien sex. Maybe the first real alien sex-symbol to come onscreen to American homes was Mr. Spock on Star Trek who used logic to keep his passions under control. Go watch "Amok Time" (first broadcast September 15, 1967) and you'll see Spock running balls-wild with mad lust. After that we started seeing sexy aliens in big movies like Starman (1984) and Species (1995) but mostly Hollywood stayed scared of showing characters having sex onscreen, and especially if it's an alien. (Side note: Marvel's superhero movies might be a lot more interesting if we saw some sex scenes with aliens like Superman or Thor. What are they afraid to show us?)

So we took it as a challenge. Invaders From The Outer Rim seeks to present interesting realistic human characters. And then to introduce some alien characters you'd want to have sex with. This is the toughest challenge for any writer on any story, to make it believable. And possibly the reason nobody has really tried hard to tell the sex-with-aliens story is because most people (even crazy fiction writers) find the idea so fundamentally unbelievable that reasonable creative folks give up before they start. Well -- not us. Eric Coyote and Walt Morton thrive on an ultimate challenge like that. We'd previously written things no sane person would touch (alcoholism, cannibalism, bestiality, etc.) So the idea of sex with aliens doesn't put us off. But the difficulty in anything like this endeavor is to find a good version of the story, one that is true, and worthwhile, and elevates the human spirit. Anybody can shock a reader with something foul or odd, the more difficult thing is to provide some jolts of excitement in the storytelling, while keeping it real, and fun to read, and then also carrying a meaningful message, like the one in Invaders From The Outer Rim, which is basically about empowering women to enjoy sex, on any terms, no matter how bizarre that idea might be. Alien lovers, we say get some now.

Invaders from the Outer Rim
Eric Coyote and Walt Morton

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica

Date of Publication: August 2, 2015


Number of pages: 52
Word Count: 12,800

Cover Artist: Walt Morton

Book Description:

Every small town has secrets but when Sheriff Olsen begins an investigation of weird events in Santa Maria, he discovers close encounters of the kinkiest kind.

 Invaders from the Outer Rim is a mind-bending tale that explores the unfulfilled desires of the female psyche.

Literary critics agree this collaboration between award-winning authors Eric Coyote and Walt Morton is a groundbreaking achievement in erotic science fiction.

Available at Amazon

About the Authors:

Eric Coyote and Walt Morton both attended the University of Southern California’s prestigious film school, which is (in retrospect) poor training for anyone writing erotic science fiction.

Eric is the author of the ultra noir detective novel The Long Drunk, named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012. Walt’s debut novel American Ghoul is a dark fantasy beloved by fans and food critics.

Both men live in Venice, California, but almost never go to the beach, and neither surfs.

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