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Catching up with Horror Author Fiona Dodwell

 Catching up with Horror Author Fiona Dodwell

1)Can you tell us what you've been up to over the last few months?

            It's been a really busy but productive few months for me. I now have a literary agent, Keith Chawgo from Media Bitch Literary Agency. He has worked on several horror films and books, and I am really pleased to be represented by him. Since signing with Media Bitch, I have been working hard at my writing. I have released Nails (a horror novella), The Redwood Lodge Investigation (a horror short for Kindle) and I have also just finished preparing Juniper's Shadow, a horror that will be released on Christmas day. I have also been promoting The Shift, because it has been freshly edited, promoted and slapped on with a brand new cover!
            A horror anthology, The Dichotomy of Christmas, has also just been released. My story is included in it (it's called The Wassail) and there are also stories by Graham Masterton, M.R Sellars and Michael Bray in it.

2)Can you tell us more about your re-release of The Shift?

            The Shift was originally released in 2013, but at the time, due to some very difficult personal circumstances, I was unable to focus on promotion and giving the project the time and energy it deserved. I returned to it recently, as it is a novel I feel very passionately about. There are some fresh edits and additions to it, as well as a beautiful new book cover. I am also pleased to say it is available as paperback as well as ebook. Readers have contacted me about how much they have enjoyed the book, and I am happy to hear that it is finding its way into the hands of new readers.

3)Tell us about your upcoming Christmas release, Juniper's Shadow.

            I am really very excited about this project. It is a horror short being released under Media Bitch Productions. It's about a young man called Leighton Banks who finds himself in possession of an extremely rare record. He begins to hear rumours about the music being cursed, and suddenly finds himself immersed in a dark world where music can hurt, control and endanger lives. Leighton must uncover the truth about the cursed recording before it is too late to save those he loves.

4)As the year draws to a close, what can readers expect from you in the future?

            Well, I have high hopes for 2016. Time will tell. I recently finished writing a full length paranormal novel called The Risen. That will be submitted to publishers through my agent at some point in the new year. I also have several short stories on the go, that are being submitted to various horror anthologies. I am also planning on attending some book conventions in the UK with fellow authors from Media Bitch.
            In December, I have a lot to pack in. I'll be promoting Juniper's Shadow and I am taking part in a horror podcast with The Darkness Dwells show. I am also appearing on the Gut and Bones radio show later in the month.
            There are other exciting projects in the pipeline but they are yet to be confirmed. For more updates as and when I get them, please check my Twitter and Facebook account.

5)Where can readers find out more about you?

            Well, I'm always on Twitter and Facebook (links supplied) but I also run a website called Study Paranormal. It isn't just about my writing (although I do share updates about my books on there). It is also about anything dark – horror film reviews, book reviews, paranormal articles, interviews and general horror stuff. On my Study Paranormal website, I've interviewed actor Aaron Poole (from The Conspiracy), paranormalist Uri Geller, and horror movie director Andrew Jackson (of Robert, Haunting at the Rectory etc).

Thank you very much for having me as a guest!

The Shift
Fiona Dodwell

Genre: Horror/Psychological

Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing


Number of pages: 230 pages

Formats available: Ebook and paperback

Book Description:

Michael White is a man desperate to escape his past. After tragedy costs him his job and marriage, he finds himself abandoned in a world of depression, loneliness and unemployment – until a new start working at a luxurious care home is offered.

But Hill Wood House isn't like any other care home. What are the shadowy figures that follow Michael? What do they want? And beyond the paranormal, who is stalking Michael? Who is entering his home at night and leaving disturbing messages across his walls?

Can anyone ever really escape their past? Michael is about to go on a dark journey to uncover the truth behind what is haunting him – a truth that will wreak death and destruction to those Michael cares about.

Short Excerpt:

He leaned forward, pressing his face close to her mouth and listened, waiting for breath that would not come. Her skin was a pallid colour, void of the pink that used to tint it, and her lips were blue, an impossible blue. He gaped as he stood upright, looking down at her body while resisting the urge to vomit.
It was the most terrible thing he’d seen in his entire life.
He lifted her wrist into the air and her hand fell limply forward. He felt for a pulse and found none; it was useless, the confirmation of a fact he already knew.
She was dead.
The stale air in the room suddenly became too thick, too hot, and he struggled to find his own breath. He gagged, then lurched over to the bedroom window and pushed it open, allowing the cool night air to swiftly enter. He breathed deeply, the air cold and sharp as it hit his lungs. The moon hanging above him in the navy sky was wide and looming, sending darkened shadows across the lawn below.
Everything looked different, somehow; everything seemed marked.
He turned back, reluctantly, his eyes falling on the corpse lying in front of him.
In life, she had been beautiful, despite her problems. In life, she had been wonderful. Now death had claimed her and the mask of that eternal sleep was already sliding into place. 
Soon she would be stiff with rigor mortis, her slender skin toughened under the blanket of death. Soon she would be taken away, zipped inside a body bag, a label attached to her toe or wrist.
She was gone.
He fell to the floor, the weight of the reality sitting firmly on his shoulders as he wept bitterly.
He would never forget this day for the rest of his life.
It would change everything.

Author Biography

Fiona grew up in Buckinghamshire in the UK. She has had a passion for the written word since she was a child, and found herself a regular visitor of local book stores and libraries from a young age. Growing up, Fiona became a big fan of the supernatural and horror genre – in both film and literature. She devoured Susan Hill, Dean Koontz and Stephen King novels with relish, and soon realised she wanted to create dark fictional worlds of her own.

Fiona has studied a variety of subjects in recent years, from Theology and Psychology, to Film Studies and Drama. Her passion for writing, though, is what she focuses on now. In 2011, she released her debut horror novel, The Banishing, and then went on to publish Obsessed and The Shift. These novels were published with Double Dragon Publishing and Damnation Books. 

Fiona also enjoys writing articles and has written for Paranormal Underground Magazine, Pinched Literary Magazine, Supernatural Magazine and also runs her own website, which contains various selections of her articles, interviews and reviews. 

In September of 2015, Fiona signed a contract with Media Bitch Literary Agency where she is now represented. She has recently finished several short stories and is working on her new novel, The Risen, which she hopes to release in 2016.

Fiona currently lives with her husband, Matthew, and her unruly ginger cat, Oscar. 

Twitter: angel_devil982

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