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Double Duty with the Dowdy Twins: Electromancer by Daco

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

On the first Sunday of every month, the Kensington City Country Club hosts a breakfast for patrons and their select guests. We lowly news reporters, though on the front lines of investigative journalism, don’t get invited, but I finagled the editor-in-chief’s ticket for this month. If there was any place in town that I could hear chatter about superheroes, it was there. I’d hoped to sit with with Alexa Manchester and her fiancée, The Mayor, Bobby Baumgartner, but instead was directed to a table in the back of the room. At first I thought I was seeing double but soon realized that the double-doozy bombshells occupying the table were actually identical twins—Della and Dani Dowdy. Their last names don’t fit their appearances. They look like Marilyn Monroe bookends. Oddly, they’d left a seat empty between them—odd, because I haven’t heard that there’s any tension between the two sisters. When I tried to take that seat, they immediately assumed warrior poses.

Della & Dani [in unison]:      We’re saving that seat for Mayor Baumgartner!

[This reporter wisely took the empty seat next to Della.]

DA:     I’m crack reporter D.S. Auffenorde. You may have heard of me. I’m doing a story on superheroes.

Dani:   The society page, I hope.

DA:     No, my beat is investigative reporting. But I don’t know, maybe we’ll see about that.

Della:  My sister and I are definitely Supergirls … a real Dynamic Supergirl Duo.

DA:     Actually, I’m more interested in Electromancer at the moment.

Dani:   That floozy?

Della:  Now, Dani, be kind. However, I must say that Electromancer’s skintight body suit and plunging neckline is rather, too …

DA:     Too risqué?

[At this, both sisters laughed riotously.]

DA:     What did I miss?

Dani:   My dear woman, there is no such thing as too risqué.

[Judging from the Dowdy twins’ short, tight black dresses that left little to the imagination, I realized that they practice what they preach.]

Della:  No I suppose not, but I really must say that Electromancer’s platinum jumpsuit is just so passé. Dani and I wore similar outfits two seasons ago.

DA:     You say you’re saving the seat for Mayor Bobby Baumgartner. Where’s the seat for Alexa Manchester, his fiancée?

[At this, Dani began to sob.]

Della:  Now look what you’ve done. You’ve made my sister cry. She and Bobby Baumgartner are made for each other.

DA:     Then, why the impending Baumgartner-Manchester nuptials?

Dani:   Because Alexa Manchester is a spider who’s trapped poor Bobby in her web of deceit. She needs him to give her credibility after her Electromite caused an explosion at The Mick power plant and her other power generators have shut down across the globe.

Della:  Yes, her name is mud.

Dani: I thought her name was Alexa.

[Della Dowdy rolled her eyes.]

DA:     The Examiner’s gossip columnist tells me on the QT that both of you have designs on The Mayor. With the two of you and Alexa, the reporter called it a real love quadrangle.

[Dani shot a dagger-like look at her sister, who gave a who, me shrug.]

Della:  Tell your gossip columnist two things: one, he better have a good libel lawyer, and two, he better spell our names right. That’s D-E-L-L-A Dowdy, rhymes with howdy.

DA:     There seems to be a lot of romance going on in Kensington City.

Dani:   Yes, it’s the city of love. I love Bobby Baumgartner and he loves me. I’m going to be first lady of Britannia someday.

DA:     I also hear rumors that Alexa Manchester has eyes for her butler, Sigfred Sawyer.

Della:  Ha! Hardly. What heiress would fall in love with a butler?

Dani:   Ha! That would never happen.  A little tête-à-tête every so often in the backseat of the limousine, perhaps, but romance never! [Dani turned to her sister.] What’s this about you being interested in my Mayor Bobby Baumgartner?

Della:  Dani, don’t get your knickers in a wad. You know I’m attracted to older men.

DA:     That’s a third rumor, Della. That you and Alexa’s long-lost uncle, Montgomery Manchester, are involved in a fling.

Della:  A girl doesn’t kiss and tell. I will say that the man is in incredible shape for his age, a veritable Arnold Schwarzenegger without the political baggage. Or maybe a Sly Stallone from Rocky I. And he’s so well-traveled, an importer and exporter who’s been all over the world.

Dani:   If Montgomery’s only interested in you, Della, why is he always inviting both of us over for a private date?

DA:     So you refuse his invitation, Dani?

Dani:   Of course not. I didn’t say I have anything against threesomes.

[At this moment, Mayor Bobby Baumgartner and Alexa Manchester entered the room. Although Dani got up and waved at The Mayor frantically with one arm and pointed to the empty chair with the other. The Mayor and Alexa took a seat at the front table. Dani flung herself into her sister’s arms and began sobbing uncontrollably.]

Della:  [Speaking to this reporter sotto voce.] If you know where I can purchase one of those platinum body suits, please call me. Just don’t tell Dani—she always wants to dress like twins.]

With that, the stereophonic interview ended, and though I learned a bit about romance in Kensington City—and this mystery about Electromancer is certainly a romance—I was no closer to solving the mystery of whether Electromancer is good or evil, friend or foe. But this intrepid reporter will pursue her story to the very end.

Meanwhile, follow along as my investigatory column continues to unfold the peculiarities of the citizens of her Kensington City. In the meantime, you can also learn more about Electromancer and others in the romantic, thrilling, superhero novel, Electromancer.


Genre: Romance, Fantasy,
Superhero, Paranormal, Thriller/Suspense

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Date of Publication: 2-1-16

ISBN 10: 1-4405-9687-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-4405-9687-2
eISBN 10: 1-4405-9688-3
eISBN 13: 978-1-4405-9688-9

Number of pages: 234
Word Count: 70,000

Cover design by Fred Machuca,
Illustration by Ricky Ostendi

Book Description:

With a heart as pure as platinum and electricity at her fingertips!

She soars like a falcon and travels at the speed of light!


When arch villain Momo threatens to destroy the world with The Big Zapper—a weapon of mass destruction the likes of which has never been seen before—it’s up to Alexa Manchester and her new electricity-harnessing superpowers to stop him.

With a little help from her sexy chauffeur, Sigfred Sawyer, and some exciting encounters with the mysterious and handsome Blue Arrow, soon Alexa’s love life is charged up, too. And to defeat the seemingly invincible Momo, it might just take the naturally super power of love to save the day.

Offering all the Kabam! Pow! Zap! of beloved comic book sagas with the beating heart of a love story, this over-the-top, genre-blending send-up is sure to delight superhero fans and romance readers alike.

Amazon     BN     Kobo

Indigo     Googleplay       iTunes

About the Author:

Daco is an award-winning author of the espionage-thriller series featuring CIA operative Jordan Jakes. Her debut novel, The Libra Affair, was a 2013 #1 best seller. Of The Libra Affair, Publishers Weekly said, “The keenly sharp intelligent female characters soar in this edge-of-your-seat adventure...”

Her short story The Pisces Affair was a 2015 Global Ebook Awards double gold medalist (Best Thriller Fiction and Best Science Fiction), a 2015 Shelf Unbound Notable 100, a 2015 Royal Palm Literary Award winner, and a Publishers Weekly “PW Pick”.” In its review of The Pisces Affair, Publishers Weekly wrote, “Jakes is a lively and witty narrator with the wits and skills of James Bond, and readers will savor her fresh perspective on being a woman in the male-dominated spy world.”

Her story The Virgo Affair is part of Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded (Diversion Press, October 2015), an anthology, including numerous best-selling authors.

Electromancer (F+W Media, Inc./Crimson Romance, February 2016), is her first superhero novel, featuring Electromancer and Blue Arrow.

Upcoming works include The Scorpio Affair, a Jordan Jakes novel, and The Ophiuchus Affair, another Jordan Jakes short story.

Daco holds a B.A. and M.A.S. from The University of Alabama in Huntsville and a J.D. from the Cumberland School of Law. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, Authors Guild, Alabama Writers Forum, Florida Writers, and Alabama State Bar.

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 follow along as the investigatory column continues to unfold the peculiarities of the citizens of Kensington City. 

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