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Hell Hath No Fury by Samantha Gregory

Hell Hath No Fury
Queen of Hell Series
Book 1
Samantha Gregory

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: J Ellington Ashton Press

Date of Publication: 07/02/2016

ISBN: 978-1523896547

Number of pages: 165
Word Count: 43,000

Cover Artist:  David McGlumphy

Book Description:

All Jesse and his friends wanted to do was have a good time and hook up with some girls. Instead the three of them end up dead. Unfortunately their problems don't end there as they are caught between two warring succubus sisters who battle it out to see which one will be crowned Queen of Hell.

Contains Adult Content


Halloween Night

I know she’s up to something. I’ve been watching her for the last few days and there is something going on. For a start, she’s going to the Halloween party tonight. That’s not her thing at all. My darling sister would never lower herself to attend an event like that. She never joins in on anything, and she certainly wouldn’t be caught dead at a sorority house. Our parents think it is a great idea though. They were so enthusiastic that I can’t help but wonder if they are in on whatever scheme she has hatched now. Why do they always side with her? But of course she’s the perfect daughter, the star; the one who will make them proud. I’m the outcast; the disappointment from the first moment I dared question their grand plan.
She’s always gotten everything she ever wanted. Well not tonight, whatever she’s planning, I will stop her. Whatever it takes.

Chapter One

“What is wrong with this picture?” I ask, sipping from a blue beer cup. It’s warm, but I need it.
“I know. I thought there would be a lot more girls here. This is a sorority, for God’s sake,” Trace says.
“What about that one?” Dale asks. He gulps back his beer and belches loudly.
The girl he is pointing at is dressed as a naughty nurse, leaving little to the imagination.
“No, what’s wrong is, we’re at one of the biggest parties of the year, in the hottest sorority on campus, and the three of us are standing in the corner like a bunch of losers.”
“Where should we be standing?” Trace asks. He fiddles with the lanyard around his neck. He’s dressed as a computer tech; not too much of a stretch, since computers are his life.
“I’d like to be standing in her bedroom,” Dale says, still leering at the nurse. She catches him staring and flips him off. That doesn’t put Dale off. He is nothing if not persistent. Not that it ever gets him anywhere. His outfit consists of a Hawaiian shirt with Bermuda shorts, and a Lei around his neck. The problem is, it isn’t that different from what he usually wears to class. He never did have much of an imagination.
I’m not too sure of my own outfit. I put it together myself, since I’m saving all my money to get my car fixed. I’m dressed as a knight. I made armor from aluminum foil and a fake sword to match, which hangs in a scabbard at my waist. I guess it is kind of lame.
“No girl is going to come up to us while we’re together,” I say.
“Are you trying to get rid of us, dude?” Dale asks.
I sigh in frustration. Why is it always up to me to take the lead?
It’s been the same way our whole lives. Trace is too scared and Dale doesn’t give a crap. It’s not like I’m a ladies man myself, but I have to try.
“I don’t want college to end up like high school. Do you? I thought we made a deal when we came here? That we would stop being dorks, that we were going to reinvent ourselves.”
They both shake their heads. High school was an endless cycle of loser-dom. Getting beat up every day, never being invited to any of the good parties, and girls not exactly tripping over themselves to date us. The only time I was ever alone with a girl was when I was tutoring them in bio.
“Well I’m done being that guy. We all are.”
“We are?” Trace asks.
“Yes! Come on, let’s make a pact. Tonight is going to change our lives, one way or another.”
“Yeah! We get laid or die trying,” Dale says. “Let’s do this. I call dibs on the nurse.”
He lurches in her direction.
“Meet by the dorm in the morning, tell us how it went,” Trace calls after him.
I knock back another beer and head for the kitchen, leaving
Trace alone.
About the Author:

Samantha Gregory grew up in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. She has been writing since she was a child. She writes primarily in the horror/fantasy genre.

Daemon Persuasion is the first book in the Daemon series, published by Mockingbird Lane Press. The sequel Daemon Madness is due for release soon.

After is the first book in the After zombie series from J. Ellington Ashton Press.

The sequel Before will be released this year.  Her new novel Queen of Hell will be released Feb 2016.

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys watching horror movies, reading and archery. She also posts reviews on her blog for other writers.

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