Thursday, May 12, 2016

Release Day Blitz Men of Machismo: The Bad Decision Legacy by Morgan Kay

Men of Machismo
The Bad Decision Legacy
Men of Machismo Series
Morgan Kay

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Sleeping Dragon Press

Date of Publication:  May 12, 2016

ISBN-13: 978-1-944712-94-5

Number of pages: 280
Word Count: 81,503

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

Book Description:

The Men of Machismo series revolves around nine friends who worked together in a male revue. Each book follows the life of a different former dancer seven years later. The Bad Decision Legacy is Will and Tonya’s story.

Tonya’s psychotic ex is stalking her. Not the best time to meet men, still her best friend begs her to show up for blind date dinner. Her plan includes the meet and greet, then heading home. Of course, she never expected a man who sent every hormone in her body into high alert. Will looked like her next bad decision.

Will’s work as a divorce lawyer included discouraging embittered women from ramming their soon to be exes with the car or setting fire to their husband’s latest girlfriend. No wonder he fell hard for Tonya. The first woman he met with no agenda, well almost none. It’s obvious Tonya is knee deep in trouble, but refuses to ask for help. Instead of running the other way, he contemplates dashing into the tornado she refers to as her life. With any luck, he might survive.

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The bold font stood out catching her eye as she scrolled down her work email, SURPRISE; it announced, stopping her in the action of deleting it. It wasn’t the subject heading, but more the sender name, Clint Fairweather, her ex. At one time, his name signaled a desirable man in her mind. That was before she knew him and some of his bizarre tendencies.
The blinking cursor hovered over the delete button. Most of the time she trashed his messages, never reading them. Technically, the message shouldn’t have even made it in her mailbox due to being blocked. Then again, her misfortune lay in having a mean-spirited ex-boyfriend who also was a computer genius. Yay me, I sure know how to pick them.
Tonya’s shoulders hunched forward. God, she didn’t need this now. Her company was looking at personnel to cut since they’d failed to make projected goals this year. It didn’t matter that she worked harder than almost anyone in the department. No company wanted an employee with a stalker ex. News stories illustrated that they tended to come with guns blazing, taking out not only the object of their obsession, but a half of dozen innocent people in the process.
Her first instinct was to send the email to the cyber dumpsite with the many dozens he’d sent the past year. Something stopped her. This one was different. It felt as if ice-cold water splashed down her back.
Wincing, she opened the document that was tying her insides into knots. An impressively long list of things to do left her with no time to dither about a whiny letter from her ex. Besides, then she’d know what it said. Wrinkling her nose, she glanced around the room, noticing her workmate’s failure to arrive.
Michelle lived in a different time zone, a much later one. Oh well, she rolled her eyes. This time she didn’t mind her co-worker’s tardiness. An overabundance of fruity fragrance wafted around Michelle, similar to her personal atmosphere. A quick glance at the open door assured her she’d smell or hear Michelle before she arrived. Tonya opened a file, ready to switch the screen when her co-worker finally arrived. With jobs on the line, she trusted no one.
The open document mocked her with one sentence. I bet your boss would enjoy seeing this, as would everyone else in your company. That was it. Where were the platitudes about her letting go of the best thing she ever had, and how she’d never find a man as wonderful as him? Wait. See what?
Michelle’s voice floated down the hallway as she stopped to talk to the custodian. Tonya’s eyes flicked down the email to notice it had an attachment. Damn. Her heart jumped up into her throat. She had to know what bomb Clint was going to drop on her. Her co-worker’s cheerful chatter showed no sign of winding down. Click.

About the Author:

Morgan K Wyatt writes steamy romances with a side of laughter under the name of Morgan Kay. The wisecracking heroines and hunky heroes are similar to the ones in her mainstream novels, but in the Steamy Interludes series, the bedroom door is left open.  Real life issues, humor, dogs are also staples in Morgan Kay romances.  

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