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Monday, October 17, 2016

Go Shorty It's Your Birthday- Birthday Gifts for the Characters of Giselle and The Hot Squad

I am a fabulous gift giver. I have never ever given someone a birthday gift they didn't simply adore. Even people I barely know, who've invited me to their parties, marvel at the wonders I bring them. So if I can give great gifts to randoms the least I can do for the babes of Giselle and The Hot Squad is buy or do something nice for their b-days . So without further adieu here are the odd, fantastical, and downright wild gifts for several odd, fantastical and downright wild women. 

Anika Lindgren:  Anika is a peculiar woman. While her job title may be director of student services at the prestigious Drouin University, in the bedroom, backseat, dungeon, or dean's office she's the teacher everyone obeys. Or their bound and vulnerable body comes to regret it. Therefore, for her birthday, I would offer Anika a blood red spanking paddle and beg her not to use it on me. Anika's a dom that allows not even the slightest hint of disobedience so my guess is she'll wear out her paddle on a mouthy submissive's behind before the next birthday rolls around.

Princes Tristen Maria Anna Gunnarsson: What do you get a girl that has it all? Seriously Tristen even has a mystical sword named Mystletainn she's used to defend the kingdom of Gyllengaard time and time again. But while Tristen is Jamie Lannister with the sword, she's Ashley Wagner on the figure skates, and Magic Mike on the stripper pole. Why not combine both her non sword fighting talents for her birthday and install a stripper pole in an ice rink? Can you imagine a toeless lutz flawlessly transitioned to upside down twerking on the pole? A tuck axel into a lusty panty shot? This is a gift to the entire world!

Sofi Poe: Sofi and I can agree one on thing; gingers are great. It's just that InstaGram-famous Sofi thinks she's the only ginger that is great. Actually the sight of another ginger turns her face as red as her hair. How dare they enter the same room and inadvertently and unknowingly compete for attention? For Sofi's birthday I plan on rounding up all the non-Sofi gingers and shipping them to Pluto. That's right, for stealing Sofi's defining feature they don't even get a real planet, they get a dwarf planet. And if you dye your hair and pretend to be a ginger, you're getting shipped out too!  Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh. Stay and be ginger all you want.

Giselle Nyfall: The leader of the Hot Squad, Giselle is daughter to a liberal tech guru dad and a prominent republican fund raising mother.  Though raised to be an upright leader of the millennial generation, Giselle is an uber talented artist and a true blue sexhibitionist with a sharp eye for a hot bod. So for her birthday I'm going to convince that cute teacher's assistant with the purple dye job to model for a nude drawing. When Giselle eyes down this innocent grad student the simple art session is going to turn into the hottest birthday sex in human history.  

Fleur Troubadour: This Boston native sports muscular thighs, six packed abs, and a rock hard azz that's built up, pumped up and sexed up. Clearly her birthday gift should be finding a massive member for her to flex and pump. However, Fleur is a bit reckless. Like criminally reckless. Like perhaps a one-woman-Boston-mob reckless. I think for her birthday I'm going to wind up starting a petition to get her a presidential pardon. She's going to need it. 

Dusty Blackwood: We save the bustiest for last, Miss Dusty Blackwood, a southern belle with the juiciest of asses and the poorest of tempers. There is little that won't force this busty dynamo into a foot stomping tantrum. Little Dusty may tote a BB gun, kick people in the shins over the slightest of offenses, and get herself kicked out of tons of establishments for groping random stranger's boobs, but she has a softer side that just adores rainbows. Knowing that, I'm going to get her the rainbow themed version of Anika's spanking paddle. Because after all, Dusty is the toughest gal in and out the bedroom, and if you forget it your butt's going to be black and blue from a rainbow colored reminder!

Giselle and The Hot Squad
Book One
Dacy Alexandria

Genre: Erotic comedy

Publisher: eXcessica

Date of Publication: 10/14/16

Number of pages: 31
Word Count: 12,337

Book Description:

It's the start of Giselle Nyfall's freshman year at the prestigious liberal arts school Drouin University in Manhattan. From the moment this boobalicious innocent bounces in from Los Angeles, things go awry. A housing mix-up denies her a dorm and forces her to spend the first night in a male dorm with a cute but talkative conspiracy theorist. Only the instincts of a true sexhibitionist earn Giselle some sleep.

Thanks to the wicked temptress that heads student services, Giselle lands a living place much better than a freshman dorm: an upper east side condo! Giselle finds her roommates a strange oversexed lot, a rocker chick from Boston, a true blue princess, a vain Instagram starlet, and BB gun toting southern belle. Even weirder are the men of the condo complex, who appear to be placed under a devastating sex caused curse!

The girls put aside their differences and throw themselves boobs first into a solution that probably won't get mentioned in any graduation speech.

Teaser: College freshman, Giselle Nyfall teams up with her hot but quirky roommates to save a gang of studs from a sex infused curse!

About the Author:

Dacy Alexandria is an erotic fiction author that has also taken home several screen writing awards under a different name at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival  and SkyFest, and happens to be a trained ballerina. He loves the possibilities of the supernatural but also the inherent weirdness of the everyday world and likes to combine the two whenever possible.  Dacy likes to focus his erotcia on new adults, which might explain why he can subsist on a steady diet of CW shows and cans of Starbucks double shot for days at a time.

http://dacyalex.tumblr.com  (18+ only please!)